Submitted by Sabrina Lambat | published 15th Apr 2011 | last updated 23rd Nov 2022

Opportunities and Risks of Climate Change and Disasters (ORCHID) 

Developed by IDS, this tool is designed to be a light touch screening process for donors, development organisations and their partners to integrate risk reduction and adaptation processes into their programmes. The process utilises quantitative inputs from climate science, which are applied to the risk assessment of programmes usually at wide scales, and using directional trends rather than discrete figures.

The approach used by ORCHID is based on different stages of the screening methodology, emphasising its role in raising awareness and conceptualising adaptation as a learning process. While it will not be feasible to reduce all climate risks, this process allows for their more systematic consideration in development programmes, and thus within a multiple stressor context.

The output of ORCHID is to identify a range of adaptation options for tackling unmanaged risks and exploiting opportunities for strengthening adaptive capacity. The process makes recommendations for how programmes might enhance risk management through adaptive practices and cost-benefit analysis, and sector economic assessments are undertaken for areas where clear adaptation options can be discerned and where sufficient data is available.

ORCHID Climate Risk Management and Assessment Methodology

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