Submitted by Sabrina Lambat | published 15th Apr 2011 | last updated 16th Jan 2023

Climate Change Impacts and Spatial Planning Decision Support Guidance (ESPACE)

Although this guidance use the lens of spatial planning, it is based around the UKCIP decision-making framework and PACT and helps to address 3 important questions:

  1. How can you identify the potential climate change risks associated with your planning decisions?
  2. Could decisions that you make significantly constrain the ability of others to adapt to climate change?
  3. What does climate change adaptation mean for national, regional and local development planning?


The approach used by ESPACE spatial planning guidance has been usefully aligned with the relevant stages in the UKCIP decision-making framework. The different climate change risk assessment tools (risk screening, constraint mapping, etc) are introduced, at the stages at which they are most likely to be of use in the decision making process.

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