ADAM Digital Compendium

Submitted by Sabrina Lambat | published 15th Apr 2011 | last updated 13th Jan 2020

ADAM Digital Compendium (Adaptation Catalogue) 

The Digital Compendium contributes to emerging knowledge on adaptation by acting as a portal for the dissemination of the transdisciplinary results from the ADAM project. The following types of analysis are included in the Compendium: workshops, a meta-analysis of climate change impacts, a macro-economic analysis, an adaptation catalogue and risk/damage maps. There is emphasis here is on the Adaptation Catalogue, though this draws on other resources in the Compendium. The Adaptation Catalogue acts as an inventory of practical adaptation options and associated enabling institutional frameworks, and differentiates between options according to the form of adaptation (institutional structures and processes, planning and management practice, financial/legal, or technological), hazard, landscape type (urban, rural, coastal), economic sector, geographical region, responsible actor (highlighting whether public or private), and the scale of implementation. The synthesis of workshops in the Compendium provide key messages about what supports and what hinders adaptation, with a set of learning examples that describe the experiences that decision makers and organisations have gained in the adaptation learning process.


Lessons learnt from the project are supplied, and cover the following areas:

Making wise decisions;

Adaptation networks;

Why action is hard;

Organisational implications;

Policy implications;

Research implications.