Published: 20th September 2012 13:37Last Updated: 22nd June 2017 15:26

Learn about weADAPT through this animated video

For the best experience of weADAPT, please use Internet Explorer 9 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. If you encounter any issues, please contact us at info@weadapt.org.

Research on weADAPT is collected in the Knowledge base, where you can find articles covering the many themes and conversations around adaptation. The Knowledge Base holds over 900 articles which can be browsed by:

Search by Theme or Network

Themes and Networks are publishing areas for articles which are focused around climate adaptation themes. You can browse articles using these Themes or Networks if you know what thematic area you are looking for. Themes are helpful if you would like a guided pathway into a certain subject. Using Themes can make it easier to explore the breadth of issues related to your area of interest. Read more about themes here.

Search by Keyword

You can use tags to search for content via subject matter or key word. Tags are subjects or ‘keywords’ attached to articles in the knowledge base. If you have a specific topic you are looking for, for example community based adaptation, you can search for it on the tags page and find articles on this topic.

Members and Organisations

You can view articles contributed by an author or organisation by viewing the Members and Organisations lists. By searching for and clicking on an Organisation or Member in these lists you can view the articles most recently contributed by that member, or by the members of an organisation.

Getting Help

For guidance on browsing the knowledge base and contributing to Themes and Networks, visit our Guidance section FAQ and Tutorials page. You can also use the Getting Started Guide to quickly access guidance on a number of topics