Dynamic Interactive Vulnerability Assessment model

Submitted by Anton Cartwright | published 23rd Jun 2014 | last updated 23rd Jun 2022
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Introduction to DIVA

The Dynamic Interactive Vulnerability Assessment (DIVA) represents one, well-recognized, way of assessing sea-level rise impacts. DIVA takes into account biophysical and socio-economic consequences of sea-level rise and socio-economic development taking into account the following key impacts: coastal erosion (both direct and indirect), coastal flooding (including rivers), wetland change and salinity intrusion into deltas and estuaries. As such it provides for an insightful analytical tool in the hands of planners and policy makers.

The DIVA model has proven most effective at the national scale, as a means of understanding broad exposure to sea-level rise risks.

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DIVA applications in Africa

African countries in which DIVA has been applied include:

Diva applications in Europe

European Union

Further resources

top image: Cuba’s extensive coastal development is in danger from sea level rise. (photo via flickr courtesy of RC_Fotos)