E-learning course on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Submitted by Julia Barrott | published 16th Apr 2018 | last updated 25th Jan 2022

Climate Adaptation Training Annotation

  • Level: Introductory
  • Time commitment: 4 hours 
  • Learning product: Course
  • Sector: Disaster risk reduction
  • Language: English 
  • Certificate available: No 
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In 2017, the Swiss NGO DRR Platform developed a basic course on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) for self-paced e-learning consisting of four modules in the form of powerpoint presentations ready for download. The course is open to everybody, particularly addressing practitioners new to the fields of DRR and CCA. It is based on the broad expertise of the Swiss NGO DRR Platform and its partners. 

The individual modules (detailed below) can be downloaded from here.

Course overview

The four course modules cover the key concepts of DRR and CCA, practical case studies of different geographic contexts, illustrative video material and further references. The modules are:

  • Basic definitions and concepts. In this module you will:
    • Learn how disasters and climate change impact nations, societies, cultures, economies and the environment
    • Familiarize with key terms on DRR and CCA, and key international frameworks such as the Sendai Framework and the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Conceptual guidance. In this module you will:
    • Familiarize with the main approaches for DRR and CCA and their underlying concepts
    • Learn about targeted/stand-alone DRR and CCA, integrated DRR and the resilience approach of the Swiss NGO DRR Platform
  • Practical illustrations. In this module you will:
    • Review practical examples of targeted and integrated approaches to DRR/CCA and resilience building
    • See how the approaches have been implemented in different risk contexts and geographic regions
    • Learn about the differences and similarities of the different approaches
  • Integrating DRR and CCA. In this module you will:
    • Familiarize with integrating DRR and CCA into project and programme cycles
    • Review enabling factors and frameworks for mainstreaming
    • Learn about tools and methodologies to integrate DRR and CCA into the project cycle

To download these modules click here.

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