What services does weADAPT provide?

weADAPT provides both free and paid services. 

Free services: 

At weADAPT we want everyone to be part of the conversation, so most of our services are completely free to use.

weADAPT aims to bring together practitioners, researchers and policy makers to actively share knowledge and learn from each other on issues relating to climate change adaptation, so that adaptation activities across the world can be as well-informed as possible.

The paid services include: 

  • Microsites: We create independently-branded websites for climate change adaptation organisations. We help your project have a long-term impact by ensuring its outcomes remain visible and relevant. Find out more about microsites.

  • Knowledge legacy: weADAPT can support projects looking to maintain high visibility and accessibility to their resources to transfer their products onto weADAPT. We can also host specialised online resources (for example the Gender Sourcebook). 

  • If you are interested in weADAPT microsites or knowledge legacy services contact the weADAPT team at [email protected].

Further information:

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