What quality assurance procedures does weADAPT have? Can I trust the content?

For the content shared in Themes, weADAPT employs a two-step quality assurance procedure to ensure that only high quality content is published:

  1. Contributed content is first edited by our Knowledge Managers, who work with contributors to ensure the contribution is based on sound knowledge and is communicated in a way that is clear, accessible and useful to weADAPT users.

  2. The contributed content is then reviewed by the expert Editor(s) of the Theme to which it has been contributed, before being published online. 

Content shared in Networks is reviewed by the team of individuals hosting the Network before being published online. Our Knowledge Managers support Network teams to ensure the quality of the content that is shared.

All weADAPT content is directly attributable to the Organisation, Network or member that added it (see information under ‘Contributors’ and ‘Contributing Organisations’). It is not visible to people other than the contributors, Knowledge Manager and Editor until it is made visible ('published') by an Editor, and will not appear in search returns (in weADAPT or any other search engine) until it is made public by the weADAPT Team.

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