Tandem Guidance

What is Tandem? A framework that allows you to collaboratively co-design and co-develop adaptation solutions and climate services using transdisciplinary processes to promote long-term climate resilience.

Who is it for? Climate information providers, intermediaries, knowledge brokers, planners, advisors, decision makers, researchers and practitioners.

How to use the guidance: Click on the different "elements" (circles on the diagram) to explore key questions and resources to support the co-design of climate services. Tandem elements are iterative and interrelated, and require revisiting as awareness, understanding, partnerships and capacity deepen.


Background: To find out more about the underlying philosophy of the original Tandem framework  read this journal paper, a Discussion Brief on an earlier version of the framework, and related case studies. Tandem is an output of the SEI Initiative on Climate Services

Identify and engage relevant stakeholders Co-explore and understand context Set focus and learning objectives Identify and respond to training or capacity needs Identify solutions recommendations and ways forward Co explore and 'distil' relevant information from data Strategically engage senior decision-makers Encouraging long-term sustainability