decentralized energy systems: [nid] items decentralized solid waste management systems: [nid] items Decimal: [nid] items Decimal degrees: [nid] items decision: [nid] items decision makers: [nid] items Decision analysis: [nid] items decision analysis tools: [nid] items Decision making software: [nid] items decision making under uncertainty: [nid] items Decision Making Unit: [nid] items decision methods: [nid] items decision network: [nid] items decision scaling: [nid] items Decision screening: [nid] items decision support: [nid] items decision support systems: [nid] items decision support tools: [nid] items Decision theory: [nid] items decision-makers need effective tools: [nid] items decision-making: [nid] items decision-making context: [nid] items Decision-making paradox: [nid] items decision-making process methods: [nid] items decision-making processes: [nid] items Decision-making software: [nid] items decision-making support methods: [nid] items decision-making tool: [nid] items decreasing fisheries resources: [nid] items dedicated climate finance initiatives: [nid] items dedicated food waste: [nid] items deep uncertainty: [nid] items Defecation: [nid] items defences: [nid] items definitions: [nid] items Definitions of vulnerability: [nid] items deforestation: [nid] items degradation: [nid] items degradation and drought: [nid] items degraded land: [nid] items Dehara lowland: [nid] items Delhi: [nid] items delivery of development programmes: [nid] items delta: [nid] items Delta Api: [nid] items delta inundation: [nid] items Delta Works: [nid] items Deltas: [nid] items demand: [nid] items Democracy: [nid] items Democratic Republic of the Congo: [nid] items Demographic pressure: [nid] items Demography: [nid] items Demonstrating Community Resilience: [nid] items Dengue fever: [nid] items Dengue outbreak in Singapore: [nid] items Dengue shock syndrome: [nid] items Denialism: [nid] items Denmark: [nid] items Dental Scrubs: [nid] items Department for Business: [nid] items Department for Communities: [nid] items Department for Energy and Climate Change: [nid] items Department for Environment: [nid] items Department for International Development: [nid] items Department of Agricultural Extension: [nid] items Department of Agriculture: [nid] items Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services: [nid] items Department of Climate Change and Metrological Services: [nid] items Department of Health: [nid] items Department of Irrigation: [nid] items Depressions: [nid] items desa gondang: [nid] items desalination: [nid] items desarrollo internacional: [nid] items desarrollo sostenible: [nid] items Desert: [nid] items desert agriculture: [nid] items Desert greening: [nid] items desertification: [nid] items deserts: [nid] items Deserts and xeric shrublands: [nid] items desguadrero: [nid] items Design: [nid] items Design education: [nid] items Design management: [nid] items design sprint: [nid] items design thinking: [nid] items designing delivering and evaluating effective climate services: [nid] items Det Norske Veritas: [nid] items Detection theory: [nid] items determining adaptation options: [nid] items Developed Countries Fund: [nid] items developing adaptation strategies: [nid] items developing climate service proposals: [nid] items developing countries: [nid] items Development: [nid] items development agencies: [nid] items Development aid: [nid] items development bank: [nid] items development challenges: [nid] items Development charities: [nid] items development communication: [nid] items development cooperation: [nid] items development finance: [nid] items development finance institutions: [nid] items development indicators: [nid] items Development informatics: [nid] items development interventions: [nid] items development investment: [nid] items development objectives: [nid] items development pathways: [nid] items development plan: [nid] items development planning: [nid] items development policy: [nid] items development practitioners: [nid] items Development studies: [nid] items Developmental psychology: [nid] items devolution: [nid] items Dew point: [nid] items Deza: [nid] items Dhading: [nid] items Dhaka: [nid] items Dhanusa: [nid] items Dhar: [nid] items Diagram: [nid] items dialogue tools: [nid] items Diamagu: [nid] items Diamond: [nid] items Dian Spear: [nid] items diarrheal diseases: [nid] items DICE: [nid] items differential vulnerability: [nid] items Differentiated impacts: [nid] items Dig Tsho glacier: [nid] items Digital audio: [nid] items digital climate data: [nid] items Digital divide: [nid] items Digital hazards maps: [nid] items Digital media: [nid] items Digital storytelling: [nid] items Dignity: [nid] items dikes: [nid] items Diktel: [nid] items Dili: [nid] items Dime: [nid] items Dinajpur: [nid] items Dinajpur District: [nid] items Dipsa: [nid] items Dire Dawa: [nid] items Direct democracy: [nid] items Directing Tracking and Monitoring Climate Finance: [nid] items disabilities: [nid] items disability rights: [nid] items disappearing glaciers: [nid] items Disaste Climate change and agriculture: [nid] items Disaster: [nid] items Disaster Accident: [nid] items disaster insurance: [nid] items disaster management: [nid] items Disaster mitigation: [nid] items disaster preparedness: [nid] items disaster prevention: [nid] items disaster prevention infrastructure: [nid] items disaster recovery: [nid] items Disaster relief services: [nid] items disaster resilience: [nid] items disaster response: [nid] items Disaster Risk: [nid] items disaster risk management: [nid] items disaster risk reduction: [nid] items Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group: [nid] items Disasters: [nid] items Disasters Emergency Committee: [nid] items Disclosure: [nid] items discourse: [nid] items discourse analysis: [nid] items discrimination: [nid] items discussion: [nid] items disease: [nid] items Disease prevention: [nid] items disease resilience: [nid] items Disease surveillance: [nid] items Displaced person: [nid] items displacement: [nid] items Displacement Tracking Matrix: [nid] items Dispute resolution: [nid] items Dissemination: [nid] items dissemination tool: [nid] items Dissolution of the Soviet Union: [nid] items Distance education: [nid] items Distant Early Warning Line: [nid] items Distillation: [nid] items Distributed computing: [nid] items distributed renewables: [nid] items distribution: [nid] items distributive justice: [nid] items District Planning: [nid] items Districts of Bangladesh: [nid] items Districts of Bhutan: [nid] items