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A beekeeper with green leaves in the background

Solution story: Buzzing in the face of climate change in a Ugandan highland

Learn about how beekeeping has become both an alternative source of livelihood and a passion for mountain communities in Uganda in this solution story.

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A person cycling on a dirt road at sunset (Credit: Jeff Ackley, Unsplash)

Using digital stories for inclusive climate resilient transport in Uganda

This case study shows how digital storytelling can be used for inclusive climate resilient transport in Uganda.

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a hill covered with settlements with trees and a dirt road in the foreground

Estimating the resource recovery potential of waste streams in Kampala, Uganda

Discover how to apply a simple material flow analysis approach to track the transformation of waste streams into resource recovery products, such as biogas and solid fuel through this case study in Kampala, Uganda. The results of this approach can be used to encourage more sustainable urban sanitation and waste management systems.

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A group of people around a table, looking at post it notes (Credit: Jason Goodman, Unsplash)

Digital Storytelling Tool

Compiled information about different digital storytelling methods that can be used within projects to help share experiences.

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Post-COVID Economic Recovery and Natural Capital

Post-COVID Economic Recovery and Natural Capital

This article assesses selected post-COVID policies of the Government of India to understand the extent of incorporating natural capital elements in decision-making.

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Illustration by Elise Gunstvedt and Hasan Abbas, GRID-Arendal

Mountains ADAPT: Solutions from East Africa

The Mountains ADAPT: Solutions from East Africa booklet showcases adaptation solutions proven to be successful in response to specific issues caused or accelerated by climate change that negatively affect mountain communities’ livelihoods and ecosystems. The publication includes Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, the United Republic of Tanzania and Uganda.

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East African Community

The East African Community (EAC) is a regional intergovernmental organisation of six (6) Partner States, comprising Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, with its headquarters i

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Women's Climate Centers International, led by a partnership of women development professionals in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and the United States

CBA14 Marketplace: Center for Women-Led Climate Adaptation Breaks Ground in Uganda

A community hub for East African women to lead on solutions which address climate change has laid its foundations in the eastern Ugandan town of Tororo.

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Image from 'Story of a flood' animated film

A Story of a flood in East Africa

HyCRISTAL has spent the past four years exploring how to draw together the experiences of people living through typical flood events in East African cities.

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Female farmer in Uganda showing bean harvest.

Integrating gender and nutrition in Ugandan policy: An assessment

A recent study on Ugandan climate and food security policies assesses gender and nutrition mainstreaming in national policy.

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Cover photo: Remote village in Central Asia. (Photo by A. Uzbekova)

Leaving no one in mountains behind

This issue brief presents initial steps towards localization of the 2030 Agenda to mountain areas.

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Children on their way home from school, Laos

Migration and Sustainable Mountain Development

This publication seeks to provide insights into the complex migration processes and the resulting opportunities and challenges for mountain communities and regions.

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Addressing the land degradation-migration nexus thumbnail

Addressing the Land Degradation–Migration Nexus

A review of existing evidence, good practices, and policy recommendations on the complex interrelationships between migration and desertification, land degradation and drought.

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Bottom-Up Innovation for Adaptation Financing

Bottom-Up Innovation for Adaptation Financing

With regard to climate change adaptation, SMEs in emerging economies face significant financing challenges. Here, adelphi presents 6 innovative bottom-up approaches from India, Thailand and Uganda.

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Foundation for AIDS Orphaned Children (FAOC) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in Isingiro District, southwestern Uganda. It was founded and registered in 1994.

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Kampala, Uganda

Integrating Climate Adaptation in Water Catchment Planning in Uganda

This briefing note provides an overview of the results of a climate risk assessment of water resources in the Ruhezamyenda catchment in Uganda.

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uganda wetlands project

Building Resilient Communities, Wetland Ecosystems and Associated Catchments in Uganda

This project is supporting the Government of Uganda in the management of critical wetlands that are being affected by a changing climate.

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UNDP environment and energy

Revenue-Generating Opportunities Through Tailored Weather Information Products

This continental-scale market assessment investigated how thriving commercial weather markets could be catalysed in the 11 African countries supported by the CIRDA programme.

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logo ASSAR

Climate variability and impact in ASSAR’s East African region

This new paper from ASSAR's east Africa team looks at impact climate-related risks, impacts and vulnerability across the semi-arid regions of East Africa.

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ugandan agriculture

Gender and adaptation planning in the agricultural sectors: the case of Uganda

This case study chronicles and offers lessons learned from Uganda’s experiences developing a gender-responsive National Adaptation Plan for the Agricultural Sector (NAP-Ag).

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Selecting ecosystem service models for decision-making

This guide by the Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) programme helps readers to assess how ecosystem service models could support policy-making in their countries.

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Wildlife in Uganda.

Climate Risks to Conservation in Uganda

Analyses of select landscapes describe the status and risks for biodiversity and livelihoods in targeted areas based on climate change projections. 

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eba valuation

Valuing the Benefits, Costs and Impacts of EbA Measures

This sourcebook assists in building awareness, knowledge and capacity about why, how and in which contexts EbA valuation can be used to inform, guide and influence adaptation decision-making.

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Budgeting for NDC action – Initial lessons from climate-vulnerable countries

This paper examines the evidence of resourcing NDC policies and actions in four sub-Saharan African countries that are known to be vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

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Mitigation: Uganda has focused its unconditional mitigation commitments on energy supply, increasing forest cover, and enhanced wetlands management. With international support Uganda could also pursue mitigation within energy demand, transport, and agriculture. Uganda estimates that its conditional commitments could result in reductions of about 22% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, when compared to the business as usual scenario. Adaptation: Adaptation is priority for Uganda, and key sectors of focus include agriculture, forestry, water, infrastructure (including human settlements), energy, health, and risk management. Specific activities include agricultural diversification, forest restoration, preserving wetlands in urban centers, resilient building, energy efficiency improvements, and improving early warning systems for natural disasters and disease outbreaks. International Climate and Environmental Commitments: The Paris Agreement (Party), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Party), Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Party), United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (Party), Convention on Biological Diversity (Party), Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (Party), Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Party)


Uganda's NDC-SDG Connections

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa, with significant water bodies, wetlands, and forests. Uganda is a least developed country facing socioeconomic challenges, these challenges are exacerbated by climate change as Uganda's economy is highly natural resource dependent. Climate change in Uganda has resulted in changing weather patterns, increased frequency of extreme events, and a drop in water levels, particularly impacting agriculture, health, and human settlements. This climate change vulnerability has prompted Uganda to engage very actively with climate adaptation as a strategic national objective.





International Commitments and Reporting

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

Nationally Determined Contribution Under the Paris Agreement -

NDC Monitoring and Reporting

World Bank Country Factsheet on Intended NDCs -
World Bank’s Climate Knowledge Portal -
ClimateWatch Profile -
NDC Partnership Page -

SDG Voluntary National Review

Uganda has not yet completed a Voluntary National Review, but a Review is expected by 2020 and will be available here -

National SDG Monitoring and Reporting

National Documentation on SDG Implementation -
World Bank Overview -
UNDP's Open SDG Data Hub -

NDCs and SDGs

Mapping of NDC-SDG Connections -

NDCs, SDGs, and Climate Change

NDC Partnership Dashboard on NDCs and relation to the SDGs and Climate Change Vulnerability -
Biennial Update Report to the UNFCCC -

Emissions Data

Uganda does not currently have a dynamic online emissions tracking platform, but national emissions reporting can be found within this report -

Sendai and Hyogo Frameworks

National Progress Report on the Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action -
National Policy for Disaster Preparedness and Management -

National Coordination and Reporting

National Appropriate Mitigation Actions

Reduction, Recycling, and Reuse of Solid Waste in Kampala City -
The Promotion of the Use of Efficient Institutional Stoves in Institutions -
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for Kampala -
Developing appropriate strategies and techniques to reduce methane emissions from livestock production in Uganda -
Integrated Wastewater Treatment for Agro-process Water in Uganda -
Developing appropriate strategies and techniques to reduce methane emissions from livestock production in Uganda -
Fuel Efficiency in Motor Vehicles -
Promoting cultivation of high-yielding upland rice in Uganda -
National Fuel Efficiency Initiative -
Periodic Vehicle Inspection for Emissions and Roadworthiness -
For recently added action check here -

National Regulations/Policies

National Environment Management Policy -
Uganda Vision 2040 -
Uganda National Meteorological Authority Act 2012 -
Environment and Natural Resources Sub-Sector Gender Mainstreaming Strategy 2016-2021 -
Renewable Energy Policy for Uganda -
Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy -
Uganda Biofuels Blending Mandate -
Energy for Rural Transformation -
Uganda Forestry Policy 2001 -
The National Forest Plan 2002 -
The National Forest and Tree Planting Act 2003 -
Uganda Wildlife Act 1996 -
National Irrigation Policy -
Water Act 1995 -
Plant Protection and Health Act -

Reviews of National Legislation and Policy

London School of Economics: National Climate Legislation -


Key Areas of Climate Investment

Financing agricultural resilience and food security -
Financing agricultural value adding activities and mitigating climate change vulnerability -
Financing resilient wetland ecosystems -
Financing improved integrated water management -
Financing financial systems that support climate related activities -
Financing expanded electrification -
Financing assessing risks and planning for resilience -
Financing engagement with REDD+ -

Selected Relevant Sources of Climate Related Funding

Climate Funds Update -
OECD Climate Change -
OECD Investment for Green Growth -
Climate Investment Funds -
African Development Bank Group -

Multilateral Funders

Uganda receives climate funding from the World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the Green Climate Fund, the Adaptation Fund, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, the Least Developed Countries Fund, the Islamic Development Bank, and the Global Environment Facility, among others.

Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning

Vulnerability/Adaptation Capacity Data

Notre Dame's Global Adaptation Initiative Vulnerability/Readiness Climate Change Index -
Environmental Performance Index -

Natural Disaster/Hazards

Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery -
PreventionWeb -

Energy Supply and Demand

Energy Report for Uganda. A 100% Renewable Energy Future by 2050 -
Uganda’s Energy Security Based on Prospects, Challenges, Opportunities, Supply, and Demand towards Achieving a Green Energy-Reliant Environment -
Key issues in Uganda’s energy sector Pro-Biodiversity Conservationists in Uganda -

Land Use

LandLinks Country Profile -
Assessing Land Use and Land Cover Changes in the Murchison Bay Catchment of Lake Victoria Basin in Uganda -
An examination of historical and future land use changes in Uganda using change detection methods and agent-based modelling -

Summaries of Programming and Priorities

Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment in Uganda's Second National Communication -
Review of Current and Planned Adaptation Action -

Case Studies

Climate and Development Network Country Page

Climate and Development Network Resources -

Islamic Development Bank Reports

IsDB Country Page -

Climate, Climate Change, and Environmental Data

Natural Disaster/Hazards Data

ThinkHazard -

Energy Supply and Demand Data

Renewable Energy Mapping -

Land Use Data

FAOStat -

Weather/Meteorological Data

World Meteorological Organization Profile -

<span class="isdb-tag">Climate Smart Agriculture</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Deforestation</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Reforestation and/or Afforestation</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Energy Efficiency</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Hydropower</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Climate Services</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Hydrometeorological Hazards</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Agriculture Fishing Forestry Sector</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Energy and Extractive Sector</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Migration</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Biological Hazards</span>

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