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DNV KEMA in dark blue and green

DNV KEMA Energy and Sustainability

NV KEMA Energy & Sustainability is a global, leading authority in business and technical consultancy, testing, inspections & certification, risk management, and verification, along the ener

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image of the software


mDSS is a decision support system for natural resources management based on the DSPIR framework

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Arial picture of river catchment studied in the Mediation project

Case studies goals

This page contains links to case studies used in ORCHID, CRiSTAL and NAIADE.

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Flow diagram for ORCHID


IDS's screening tool for addressing unmanaged risks of development programmes and their adaptation components.

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ESPACE spatial planning guidance

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NAIADE steps


NAIADE is a multi-criteria analysis tool to help choose between different options

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BACLIAT vulnerability assessment


UKCIP's BACLIAT climate change risk and vulnerability assessment for corporate or other business operations such as SMEs.

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Outcome Mapping

What is it about?

Outcome mapping is an innovative approach to planning, monitoring and evaluating international development work. The approach was first developed by the IDRC in the late...

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Step 4: Analyzing the Impacts of Climate Change

Climate related stresses can cause major adverse impacts on several sectors, including food production and agriculture, human health, and water availability, quality and accessibility, among...

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