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Agencia Nacional de Investigaciōn y Desarrollo

National Research and Development Agency

The National Research and Development Agency in Chile implements initiatives designed to promote research, technological development and scientific-technological innovation in accordance with the p

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Universidad de Chile

Universidad de Chile

The University of Chile aims to generate, develop, integrate and communicate knowledge in all areas of knowledge and domains of culture.

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IUB Independent University, Bangladesh

Independent University, Bangladesh

Independent University, Bangladesh or IUB is a private university in Bangladesh. It is located in Bashundhara Residential Area of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Blue S next to Sorbonne Université in dark orange

Sorbonne Université

Sorbonne University is a multidisciplinary, research-intensive, world-class university. Located in the heart of Paris, with a regional presence, it is committed to the success of its students and t

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KOICA in dark blue with Korea International Cooperation Agency underneath

Korean International Cooperation Agency

The Korea International Cooperation Agency was established in 1991 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea.

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RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY in dark and light blue

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is a German public research university located in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 

Our goal is to:

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KTH in white with a circle of white leaves and a crown surrounding it in a blue square

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology, abbreviated KTH, is a public research university in Stockholm, Sweden. KTH contributes to sustainable development by providing educational programmes, conduct

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University of Dschang crest

University of Dschang

The University of Dschang is a public university in Central Africa located in the city of Dschang, West Cameroon. The University of Dschang is a public scientific and cultural institution, whose mi

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Strathmore University in red box with crest

Strathmore University

Strathmore University is a chartered university based in Nairobi, Kenya. Strathmore University launched the Center for Sustainability Leadership, together with its pioneering program African Sustai

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Two women holding containers of water on their back

Empowerment in WASH Index Tool

Learn about EWI: a pragmatic survey-based tool made to measure, monitor and carry out diagnostics of water, sanitation, and hygiene-related interventions, allowing for inclusive and equitable outcomes.

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People working in an agricultural mountain environment

Resilient Mountain Solutions in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Learn about why a focus on resilience in the Hindu Kush Himalaya region is important, and explore the different components of ICIMOD's Resilient Mountain Solutions programme. 

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CEAM logo with 3 blue lines, 2 green mountain outlines, in front of a yellow circular line

Centro de Estudios de Alta Montaña, de la Universidad del Quindío

The Centro de Estudios de Alta Montaña (CEAM) was born as a result of more than fifty years of continuous work favouring the understanding and conservation of the natural mountain systems of the Ce

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The in green, waterloo in purple and foundation in green with a purple asterix above the i

The Waterloo Foundation

The Waterloo Foundation (TWF) is an independent grant-making Foundation.

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Logo with organisation name to the right

Fundación Agreste

Fundación Agreste is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), created in 1993, and composed of a group of professionals committed to the environment and concerned about the quality of life

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A red circle made up of small dots next to the word bond in red


Bond is the UK network for organisations working in international development. During these increasingly difficult times, charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are finding it even har

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Three mountain silhouettes against a green background

Fundación ProYungas

Fundación ProYungas is an NGO that works for environmental conservation and sustainable development, promoting territorial planning processes at different scales, actively linking

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A red outline of a circle with a red T inside

Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales (TfW) was set up by Welsh Government in 2016 to oversee public transport in Wales. 

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FORMAS in black letters next to a triangle of multicoloured dots


Formas is a Swedish government research council for sustainable development. We fund research and innovation, develop strategies, perform analyses and conduct evaluations.

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Black circle with the coat of arms of the Australian Capital Territory inside, next to the words ACT Government, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development

ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate aims to lead the nation in achieving sustainable outcomes, to be a 'liveable and sustainable city'.

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A face bordering the letters CADP with it forming an I at the end. All in black.

Center for the Autonomy and Development of Indigenous Peoples

A leading institution in the region with researchers of scientific thoughts and research recognized and validated by the Indigenous Peoples based on studies on cultural, social, economic and enviro

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VCCI in blue with a gold star and circle inside the first C, with the words Uniting Entrepreneurs in gold below this

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is a national organization which assembles and represents business community, employers and business associations of all economic sectors in Vietnam.

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Red and yellow crest with a gold star in the centre and Vietnam written at the bottom

Ministry of Planning and Investment (Vietnam)

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (Vietnam) is a government agency which performs the functions of state management over planning, development investment, and statistics. The agency provides,

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Young boy in greenhouse surrounded by seedlings

Sustainable Consumption and Production in Africa CC:e-Learn online course

The course will discuss the challenges and outlooks for sustainable development on the continent of Africa. It introduces participants to the key approaches, policies and international frameworks that aim to unlock more sustainable patterns of consumption and production.

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Dark red circle with a king and crest inside in white

University of Copenhagen

Driven by intellectual creativity and critical thinking since 1479, researchers and students at the University of Copenhagen have expanded horizons and contributed to moving the world forward.

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