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Ecosystem Restoration Study Guide

This guide explores terrestrial, aquatic, soil, and wildlife restoration and discusses restoration efforts, action plans and case studies, as well as the organizations that have brought these restoration efforts to life.

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Logo of Y-Adapt

Y-Adapt: Participatory Game Guidance

Y-Adapt is a youth engagement curriculum, developed by the RC Climate Centre that helps young people to both understand climate change and to take practical action to adapt in their community.

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Education des Jeunes sur le Climat

Formation et Implication des Jeunes dans la Résilience au Changement Climatique

Ce projet concerne un plaidoyer au décideurs politiques pour la formation et la mobilisation globale des jeunes autour des enjeux des changements climatiques et du developpement durable:

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Student-led clean water initiative builds resiliency among floating villages

August 2013: Mr Duoc’s family is 1 of 23 families living in a floating village on the Red River near Hanoi. The village is difficult to access with limited electricity and a lack of basic...

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