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Climate Change and Health A Tool to Estimate Health and Adaptation Costs

The WHO Regional Office for Europe prepared this economic analysis tool to support health adaptation planning in European Member States. It is based on a review of the science. It is...

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You can add your project to the Adaptation Layer by sourcing the geographic coordinates of your project and creating a placemark. Follow the steps outlined below or use the video tutorial to find...

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Adaptation Stories

You can use the Adaptation Layer to communicate your work through creating rich presentations and adaptation stories using screen-casting software.

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Google Earth Plugin Requirements

The basic requirements for using the Google Earth Plug-in are available within the Operating System and Browser Requirements article.

In addition to the basic requirements, here are...

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Coordinates of case study

The easiest way to do this is to use the Google Earth desktop application (not weADAPT’s browser) and go to File | Tools | Options (Windows) or Google Earth | Preferences (Mac) and make sure 'Show...

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ADx Design

Schematic diagram of ADx.

The schematic diagram explains the overall pictures of ADx. As shown in the diagram, the main components are namely:

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Google Earth online video tutorial

The weADAPT Adaptation Layer is a feature which integrates adaptation case studies into Google Earth by location.

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The weADAPT Adaptation Layer for Google Earth

Working with Google Foundation the prototype has been redesigned to be an integral part of the weADAPT platform for climate change adaptation.

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Google Earth tips and tricks

This section deals with a few tips and tricks which Mark de Blois of SEI in Nairobi shared in an 'open session'. It deals more specifically with using the freely downloadable Google Earth...

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