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Fig 1: Extract of a deformation-velocity map of Bhagirathi valley

SCA-Himalayas project-Landslide analysis with radar data in the Indian Himalayas

Learn about the SCA-Himalayas project which is addressing climate risks in the mountainous context, including landslides, floods and changes in water resource availability.

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a temple in a field

Economics of Land Degradation

This study examines the costs and benefits of several land and water-based programmes implemented by Development Alternatives. The methodology combined the Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) approach and InVEST software to compare intervention and comparator sites in three districts of Bundelkhand, India.

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sea surface temperature

The new frontier in climate resilience

Earth observation (EO) data has the capability to capture large-scale environmental data over a range of spatial, spectral and temporal resolutions.

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