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gec-2014 - climate adaptation.

Regionalisation of global insights into dryland vulnerability: Northeast Brazil

Global analyses of vulnerability reveal generic insights into the relation between socio-ecological systems and the stress impacting upon them including climate & market variability. 

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Assessing Vulnerability in the Namakwa District

This study used statistical climate modeling to generate climate change scenarios for NDM. These feed a variety of recommendations for adaptation. 

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Cape Town lessons in adapting

How to be a municipality that is adapting well: lessons from within the City of Cape Town from weADAPT

Since 2006 there have been efforts within the City of Cape Town local government...

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52c69b34520c7cobo-ml-sv-col-pos-cmyk 0 - climate adaptation.

Comune di Bologna

Bologna is the Regional Capital and the biggst city of Emilia-Romagna.

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