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Gender and Climate Change

Work done by SEI Oxford on climate adaptation and DRR in southern Africa touched on gender issues. This article contains some extracts from the resulting report.

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Community Based Fire Management


The incidence of bush fires in Mozambique has become an issue of growing concern at the district and national level in recent years. These...

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Mozambique Climate Analysis

About the report

This report uses historical data and climate projections to assess how climate change may affect the operations of Mozambique's Instituto Nacional de Gestão de Calamidades...

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Economics of Climate Change in Mozambique

Lessons and Recommendations

Rather than climate change eclipsing development, it is important to think of socio-economic development as overcoming climate change. The best adaptation to...

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Adaptation and DRR

As a result of the combination of high exposure to climate events, high sensitivity and the low adaptation level, climate events have already severely affected poor rural communities in...

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Mitigation: Mozambique has committed to reducing emissions by about 76.5 MtCO2eq from 2020-2030, 23 by 2020 and 53.4 from 2025-2030, however this commitment is conditional on receiving external financial, technical, and capacity building support. Mozambique intends to realize these reductions through implementing policies and programs related to renewable energy and biofuels, natural gas, urban transportation, REDD+ and forest conservation, and waste management and methane recovery. Mitigation action are related to the energy and waste sectors, and engage with issues of land use, land use change, and forestry. Adaptation: Building resilience, and adapting to climate change, is a priority for Mozambique, specific activities include improving early warning systems for climate risks, integrated water resource management, effective land use, building resilience in agriculture, improved livestock and fisheries management, increasing the adaptive capacity of vulnerable groups and communities, protecting biodiversity, reducing social degradation, building climate resilient infrastructure, reducing vulnerable to climate change related vector-borne diseases, and promoting further research into climate change risks. International Climate and Environmental Commitments: The Paris Agreement (Party), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Party), Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Party), United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (Party), Convention on Biological Diversity (Party), Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (Party), Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Party)


Mozambique's NDC-SDG Connections

Mozambique is a country on the eastern coast of Africa with a long coastline and considerable natural resources (from arable land to mineral wealth). Despite these resources Mozambique still struggles with issues of poverty and socioeconomic development. Mozambique's development is also threatened by its vulnerability to climate change and associated flooding, changes in precipitation patterns, droughts, windstorms, and rising sea level.






International Commitments and Reporting

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

Nationally Determined Contribution Under the Paris Agreement -

NDC Monitoring and Reporting

World Bank Country Factsheet on Intended NDCs -
World Bank’s Climate Knowledge Portal -
ClimateWatch Profile -
NDC Partnership Page -

SDG Voluntary National Review

Mozambique has not yet completed a Voluntary National Review, but a Review is expected by 2020 and will be available here -

National SDG Monitoring and Reporting

World Bank Overview -
UNDP's Open SDG Data Hub -

NDCs and SDGs

Mapping of NDC-SDG Connections -

NDCs, SDGs, and Climate Change

NDC Partnership Dashboard on NDCs and relation to the SDGs and Climate Change Vulnerability -

Emissions Data

Mozambique does not currently have a dynamic online emissions tracking platform, but national emissions reporting can be found within this report -
The ClimateWatch profile may provide one more recent assessment of greenhouse gas emissions -

Sendai and Hyogo Frameworks

National Progress Report on the Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action -
Plano director para a redução do risco de desastres 2017-2030 -
Plano director para prevenção e mitigação das calamidades naturais -
National policy on disaster management -

National Coordination and Reporting

National Appropriate Mitigation Actions

No Action to date -

National Action Plans

2013-2025 National Strategy for Climate Change -
National adaptation programme of action -

National Strategies Related to International Mechanisms

Convention to Combat Desertification National Action Programme -
National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan -
Decree 70/2013 Regulating Procedures for Project Approval for the Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forestry Degradation (REDD) -

National Regulations/Policies

Strategy for New and Renewable Development 2011-2025 -
National Environmental Policy -
Law 15/2014 Establishing the Framework for Disaster Management, Including Prevention and Mitigation -
Policy on the Development of New and Renewable Energy (resolution 62/2009) -
National Biofuels Policy and Strategy -
Energy Reform and Access Project (2003-2011) -
Ministerial Decree 277/2009 approving the Rules of the National Directorate of New and Renewable Energy -
Decree No. 58/2011 approving the Regulation on biofuels -
Presidential Decree No. 7/2011 creating the Inter-ministerial Commission of Biofuels -
Resolution No. 10/2009 approving the New Policy on Energy -
Ministerial Decree No. 62/2017 approving the Regulation of the National Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development -
Law No. 10/99 on Forest and Wildlife Act -
Law No. 19/2007 on Land Use Management -
Resolution No. 11/2019 approving the National Plan for Water Resources Management -
Resolution n. 40/2018 approving the Water Sector Action Plan for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Objectives 2015-2030 -

Reviews of National Legislation and Policy

London School of Economics: National Climate Legislation -


Key Areas of Climate Investment

Financing preparedness to engage with REDD+ -
Financing nature based solutions to natural hazard issues -
Financing improvements to water supply -
Financing village level sustainable development -
Financing the expansion of renewable energy -
Financing biodiversity and ecosystem conservation -
Financing resilience and adaptation in coastal zones -
Financing climate change resilience in agriculture and promoting food security -

National Trust Fund

National Fund for Sustainable Development -

Selected Relevant Sources of Climate Related Funding

Climate Funds Update -
OECD Climate Change -
OECD Investment for Green Growth -
Climate Investment Funds -
African Development Bank Group -

Multilateral Funders

Mozambique receives climate funding from the World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the Green Climate Fund, the Islamic Development Bank, the Global Environment Facility, the Least Developed Countries Fund, and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, among others.

Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning

Vulnerability/Adaptation Capacity Data

Notre Dame's Global Adaptation Initiative Vulnerability/Readiness Climate Change Index -
Environmental Performance Index -

Natural Disaster/Hazards

Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery -
PreventionWeb -

Energy Supply and Demand

Key Energy Statistics -
Renewable Readiness Assessment 2012 -
Energy justice and sustainability transitions in Mozambique -

Land Use

LandLinks Country Profile -
The Context of REDD+ in Mozambique -

Economic Development/Quality of Life and Livelihoods

The Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change Study: Mozambique -
Using climate information to achieve long-term development objectives in coastal Ghana and Mozambique -

Summaries of Programming and Priorities

Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment in Mozambique's First National Communication -
Review of Current and Planned Adaptation Action -

Case Studies

weADAPT Case Studies

weADAPT Entries -

Climate and Development Network Country Page

Climate and Development Network Resources -

Islamic Development Bank Reports

IsDB Country Page -

Climate, Climate Change, and Environmental Data

Natural Disaster/Hazards Data

ThinkHazard -

Energy Supply and Demand Data

Renewable Energy Mapping -

Land Use Data

FAOStat -

Weather/Meteorological Data

World Meteorological Organization Profile -

<span class="isdb-tag">Rural Development</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Biological Hazards</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Hydrometeorological Hazards</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Climate Smart Agriculture</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Reforestation and/or Afforestation</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Biodiversity</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Bioenergy</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Coastal Management and Planning</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Urban Management and Planning</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Agriculture Fishing Forestry Sector</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Community Organization and Action</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Sustainable Transport </span>

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