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VAA Guidelines

Guidelines for Climate Change Practitioners

These guidelines incorporate the direct experience of projects in the Mekong Region that have used watersheds as an organizing element for climate-change vulnerability and adaptation assessments.

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Transformational Adaptation: An Introduction

This introductory article provides a brief overview of the concept of transformational adaptation and relevant case studies for practitioners.

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Ecosystem Services Valuation Country Case Studies

Valuing Ecosystem Services in the Lower Mekong Basin

4 specific Ecosystem Services Valuation Guides for Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam detail explanations of ecosystem services, valuation methods, best practices, and policy recommendations.

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VAR Report

This VAR Report assesses the current-day values of key assets at risk to climate change in the Lower Mekong Basin countries. 

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Community Digital Storytelling for Good Programming and Policy Engagement

This publication highlights the experience and lessons learned from a Community Digital Storytelling activity within the Integrated Community-based Adaptation in the Mekong (ICAM) Project.

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Digital storytelling

Our Valuable Voices

Read about the storytelling project with the Cham fisherwomen and men in Vietnam which was the first time CARE Vietnam had used Community Digital Storytelling.

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A methodology for CBA planning in Vietnam

Women from four villages in Khanh Binh commune, An Phu District, discuss existing livelihood activities as part of the resilient livelihood study.

A methodology for CBA...
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Working with nature towards integrated approaches to disaster risk reduction


All around the world, people are increasingly exposed to disaster risk from natural hazards such as droughts, storms and floods. As disasters increase in frequency and...

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Key Final Results

The USAID Mekong ARCC project is a five-year program (2011-2016) funded by the USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA) in Bangkok and implemented by DAI in partnership with the International Centre for Environmental Management (ICEM), World Resources Institute (WRI), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Asian Management and Development Institute (AMDI). 

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The Mekong Delta

USAID Mekong ARCC Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Study

This study investigates climate change adaptation in the Lower Mekong River, which is home to millions of inhabitants.

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Integrating Community-based Carbon Management and Monitoring with Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS for REDD+

A summary of the Sumernet study on implementing an integrated community-based participatory and remote sensing measurement and monitoring system for REDD+ in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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Mekong Region

Impact of Urban Expansion on Rural Hinterland and Local Responses in the Mekong Region

This study investigates the perceived impacts, both positive and negative, of urbanization on the hinterlands of two secondary urban centers in Thailand and Lao PDR.

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Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for Environment and Flood Risk Management in Central Viet Nam

This project assessed and implemented new methods and reviewed existing methods of categorising land use in the Mekong areas of Viet Nam and the links between flooding and land-use.

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Fish trade

Trans-boundary Fish Trade in the Lower Mekong Basin

The SUMERNET collaborative research among Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Thailand investigated the fish trade along one of three major transboundary routes in the region.

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Participatory Social Return on Investment (PSROI): Greater Mekong Basin Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Costing Project

The Participatory Social Return on Investment (PSROI) framework assists in the identification of priorities and the analysis of the value of adaptation actions that build community resilience from stakeholders’ perspectives.

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Making economic integration work for the rural poor in Laos

This SUMERNET study has modelled policy recommendations in response to information provided by multiple stakeholders and experts, and compared the hopes for the future with the status on the ground.

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Mekong Delta

Communicating water-related climate change risks to improve local adaptation in the Mekong delta (Vietnam)

The main objectives of this project were to understand how different stakeholders perceived types, levels and sources of water-related climate change risks in the context of uncertainty.

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Lower Mekong Basin

Vulnerability assessment of livelihoods in Lower Mekong Basin

Vulnerability assessment of livelihoods in Lower Mekong Basin. 

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Mekong Delta

Communicating water-related climate change risks to improve local adaptation in the Mekong delta (Thailand)

The main objective of this project was to understand how different stakeholders in Thailand perceived different types, levels and sources of water-related climate change risks and uncertainties.

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Vulnerability assessment of livelihoods in Lower Mekong Basin

The SUMERNET study used a livelihood vulnerability index (LVI) to analyze five livelihood assets and differences in vulnerability patterns and develop appropriate policies at the provincial level. 

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River delta

Communicating water-related climate change risks to improve local adaptation in the Mekong delta (Cambodia)

In the past, the annual floods in Cambodia after the monsoonal rains were viewed as predictable in timing and non-destructive in nature, bringing benefits such as sediment for crops and increased fish catches. More recently, the annual floods are more destructive, damaging rice farms livestock and infrastructure as well as resulting in disease outbreaks.

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Innovative knowledge-sharing

The evaluation and dissemination of knowledge to key stakeholders and policymakers on the impact of action plans, governance arrangements, and practices for sustainable development to improve the ...

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Mekong River Commission

The MRC is an international, country-driven river basin organisation that provides the institutional framework to promote regional cooperation in order to implement the 1995 Agreement between

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Sumernet (Network)

Sumernet (the Sustainable Mekong Research Network) is a programme intended to build a long-term research network that informs and influences policy development on sustainable devel

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