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three people installing mass balance stakes in a snowy mountain environment

Mountain observations: Monitoring, data, and information for science, policy, and society

Explore this easy-to-read overview of the current state of multi-disciplinary mountain observations. Discover the different methods used to observe mountain environments, as well as the diversity of knowledge and data sources available to learn from.

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Image of Measuring 'subjective resilience': using peoples' perceptions to quantify household resilience working paper front cover

Measuring subjective resilience

So far, efforts to measure resilience have largely focused on the use of ‘objective’ frameworks. This paper advocates for the measurement of ‘subjective’ resilience at the household level.

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Deep uncertainty over long-term climate in infrastructure projects

This article discusses the innovations and techniques adopted in the Thames Estuary 2100 Project that enabled it to cope with deep uncertainty.

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L1mey via Flickr

Adaptation planning approaches

Adapt or perish: A review of planning approaches for adaptation under deep uncertainty

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uncertainty taxonomy

Decision uncertainty

Uncertainty, from the point of view of a decision maker, could belong to one of three categories.

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