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A group women walking through shallow water, carrying mangrove saplings in India

Public Engagement on Climate Change Adaptation

This report, jointly prepared by Climate Outreach and the NAP Global Network, provides an introduction to public engagement on climate change adaptation. It makes recommendations for how to make public engagement with climate adaptation inclusive and effective, and how to make links to the Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) agenda under the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement. 

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Cattle herders bring their livestock to Illadu water pan managed by the rangeland committee in Moyale, Kenya. Image by Patrick Meinhardt / Mercy Corps.

Participatory planning in Kenya’s drylands: The Ward Development Planning model

This policy brief summarises key learning from the Ward Development Planning model, an innovative approach to local participatory development planning being implemented in Kenya’s drylands.

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women walking down dirt path

Factsheet for young people: Locally Led Adaptation

How can locally led adaptation respond to highly localized risks in contexts marked by deficits in formal governance machinery? Learn more in this factsheet, which is part of a series that presents information from the Global Center on Adaptation’s flagship reports State and Trends in Adaptation in Africa 2021 and 2022.

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Farmers in Nepal, climate resilient agriculture, climate resilient communities, drought resilience

The Climate Crisis: A Humanitarian and a Jewish issue

This report makes the case for why faith-based, humanitarian charities should be adjusting their work to ensure they are building long-term climate resilience, rather than only focusing on short-term, emergency responses.

To do so, it explains the basics of climate science for a non-expert audience, summarises the expected impacts of the climate crisis and the humanitarian imperative to address them, and explains how key Jewish values are being threatened by the climate crisis. It then sets out how World Jewish Relief is structuring its own work on resilience building, mitigation, adaptation and preparedness, to set an example for how their own organisation could begin to enter such a huge sphere of work.

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Woman walking in a dry landscape with a donkey carrying jerrycans of water. Credits:  Ayene, UNICEF Ethiopia

Water Security for Climate Resilience Report

This report explores the relationship between water security, climate and climate adaptation decisions, drawing on research from the REACH Programme (2015-2025), conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

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Art saying Mukuru Villages: the spatial planning area

A Guide for Building Climate Resilience in Urban Informal Settlements

Discover resources for locally-led, inclusive, multisectoral upgrading for climate resilience in urban informal settlements in this guide. It aims to support a range of stakeholders to both build climate resilience in informal settlements and link locally led action with broader processes of urban and climate governance.

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green hills and trees with a brown hut in foreground

Conflict, Migration & Land Regeneration

Can degraded land naturally regenerate after a conflict-induced human migration? Learn about the experience from Kanyerus Village in West Pokot, Kenya.

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Drawing of a silhouette of a person with the word Tupumue coming out of their mouth.

Using music as part of the Tupumue project to raise awareness of lung health

This musical case study uses a song and music video to highlight the importance of lung health in Nairobi.

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A brown coloured river surrounded by green trees and rocks

Principles for just and equitable nature-based solutions

Explore the issues that must be addressed to help ensure that the design, governance and implementation of nature-based solutions (NbS) are just and equitable in the second of the SEI NbS briefs. The authors outline five principles to incorporate in NbS to achieve these goals, and present a case study from a semi-informal settlement in Kenya.

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Pink building with a palm tree and blue sky in Udon Thani, Thailand

Assessing Inequalities in Wellbeing at a Neighbourhood Scale in Nakuru, Kenya and Udon Thani, Thailand

Learn about how surveys were used to explore wellbeing in two low-middle income country cities: Nakuru and Udon Thani. Discover city characteristics that improve wellbeing and promote long-term livability.

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Strathmore University in red box with crest

Strathmore University

Strathmore University is a chartered university based in Nairobi, Kenya. Strathmore University launched the Center for Sustainability Leadership, together with its pioneering program African Sustai

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Garissa University Oasis of Innovation in a green ring with 2 camels and a tree and a book inside

Garissa University

Garissa University is a public university in Garissa, Kenya.

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Traffic in Nairobi, Kenya

Using citizen science to monitor particulate matter pollution in an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya

Discover how citizen science can be used to investigate air pollution in an informal urban settlement context, and learn about how this resulted in not only increased awareness but a new air quality knowledge exchange network between key local stakeholders.

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Nairboi, Kenya skyline (Credit: Amani Nation, Unsplash)

Using digital storytelling to share information in the AIR Network project

This digital storytelling case study shows how information about air pollution can be shared.

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Musical notes on paper (Credit: Sigmund, Unsplash)

Musical Approaches

Using music to highlight and share information and build connections between people/groups.

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View of city buildings in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya (Credit: Michael Muli)

Using music to highlight air pollution

This musical case study uses a song and music video to highlight the relationship between residents, air pollution and industry.

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Wooden pencil on blank spiral notebook (Credit: Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash)

Using drawing to share information

This drawing case study shows how information can be shared and communicated through different creative platforms.

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A group of people around a table, looking at post it notes (Credit: Jason Goodman, Unsplash)

Digital Storytelling Tool

Compiled information about different digital storytelling methods that can be used within projects to help share experiences.

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A group of women in Mali participating in dryland restoration.

Nature-based Solutions in Action: Lessons from the Frontline

Explore real-life evidence of how high quality NbS can deliver positive outcomes for climate, nature and people through 13 case studies in this IIED report.

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A green tree on top of some grass with Kenya Forest Service written below in green and brown.

Kenya Forest Service

Kenya Forest Service is a state corporation that was created through the Forest Act, 2005 (now repealed).

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Tranquil centre of newly refurbished Nyayo Gardens, Nakuru, Kenya. Photo: Lawrence Nzuve / SEI.

Using PGIS to understand health and well-being in urban Kenya

What does a healthy and liveable city look like? This case study shows how Participatory GIS has been used with residents of the city of Nakuru, Kenya to find out.

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Illustration by Elise Gunstvedt and Hasan Abbas, GRID-Arendal

Mountains ADAPT: Solutions from East Africa

The Mountains ADAPT: Solutions from East Africa booklet showcases adaptation solutions proven to be successful in response to specific issues caused or accelerated by climate change that negatively affect mountain communities’ livelihoods and ecosystems. The publication includes Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, the United Republic of Tanzania and Uganda.

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East African Community

The East African Community (EAC) is a regional intergovernmental organisation of six (6) Partner States, comprising Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, with its headquarters i

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Ministry of Interior and Coordination of Kenya

Kenya's Ministry of Interior and Coordination To create an enabling environment for Kenya’s growth and prosperity through provision of security and safety to people and property, maintain a credibl

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