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Gender analysis to inform NAP processes

Conducting Gender Analysis to Inform National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Processes

This briefing note describes the rationale and approach that NAP Global Network has taken in supporting NAP-focused gender analyses in six African countries. 

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Logo of the Conseil du Café-Cacao: white background with on the left, the Ivory Coast coat of arms; on the right, a picture of cocoa fruits and coffee beans, used as background to the name Conseil du Café-Cacao; under the picture is written “le Conseil de Régulation, de Stabilisation et de Développement de la Filière Café-Cacao”.

Le Conseil du Café-Cacao

The Conseil du Café-Cacao (in English: Coffee and Cocoa Board) is a State body created in  2011.

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Cellule Ivoirienne pour le Développement Durable

C'est une ONG qui travaille dans pour le développement durable.

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