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Womens Climate Centers International

WCCI, led by a partnership of women development professionals in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and the United States, co-creates hubs for sustainable climate solutions with vulnerable communities.

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Blue sky, a man has a virtual reality mask, another man holds a tablet while looking at the first man..

Partners in Science: Tearing down the ivory tower

Community-based participatory research has been gaining traction for the past two decades. Nature talked to three research groups that have built successful co-produced projects with this approach.

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indigenous peoples and climate change

Indigenous peoples and climate change

This publication seeks to inspire greater discussion and research in the field of traditional knowledge, seen through the dual lens of the world of work and social justice. 

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RootBridge Ecosystems

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local, indigenous and traditional knowledge

Using local, indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices for adaptation

This report combines case studies globally concerning the types and applications of local, indigneous and traditional knowledge for climate change adaptation. 

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arctic rrmelting ice - climate adaptation.

Arctic Resilience Report 2016

This report is the culmination of a 5-year effort to better understand Arctic change, including critical tipping points, factors that support resilience and choices that strengthen adaptive capacity

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Indigenous Peoples at COP20, Lima

Addressing Indigenous Peoples’ Marginalisation at International Climate Negotiations

A newly released working paper identifies significant marginalisation of Indigenous Peoples at UNFCCC meetings. It proposes actions to enable equitable solutions.

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    "Inuit Bird" by Toonoo Sharky

    Inuit art to cope with socio-ecological change

    Inuit artists of Cape Dorset have leveraged art as a way to communicate ecological change and traditional knowledge to local youth and global decision makers, effectively enhancing their resilience.

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    graphics or text star logomoz  - climate adaptation.

    Associação Ambiental Ocean Revolution Moçambique

    Ocean Revolution was formed 10 years ago to change the way humans engage with the sea: to find, mentor, and network new voices and revive and amplify ancient ones to protect an

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    Yachaykusun: Lessons on climate change from the Andes (Cusco region)

    This online book ​details the innovative responses of rural populations to climate change in the Andean highlands. To read the full text please go to the article page here.

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    Yachaykusun: Lessons on climate change from the Andes (Apurimac region)

    This online book ​details the innovative responses of rural populations to climate change in the Andean highlands. To read the full text please go to the article page here.

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    Yachaykusun: Lessons on climate change from the Andes

    Yachaykusun: Lessons on climate change from the Andes

    This online book ​details the innovative responses of rural populations to climate change in the Andean highlands, aided by the implementation of resilience building practices by PACC Peru.
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    logo ufro - climate adaptation.

    Universidad de La Frontera

    The Universidad de La Frontera is located in Temuco, southern Chile. It is a public, state owned university with six Faculties.

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    harc - climate adaptation.

    Himalayan Action Research Centre (HARC)

    Himalayan Action Research Centre (HARC) is an autonomous voluntary development organization, which aims to help the mountain people by working for their holistic, integrated and sustainable develop

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    OPOE Case Study - Collaborative Management: governance for the new normal, North Karelia, Finland

    Collaborative management: governance for the new normal

    This is an interactive, web-based case study exploring the critical role of local-traditional knowledge in ecosystem restoration in North Karelia, Finland.

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    Uganda coffee farmer

    Improving supplier resilience with information

    Improving supplier resilience is important for global food security. If small-scale farmers can enhance their resilience against extreme weather, they are also likely to increase crop yield.

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    logo 8 - climate adaptation.

    Pacific Peoples Partnership

    For over 40 years, Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP) has been building effective relationships with Indigenous and civil society partners across the Small Island Developing States of the South Pac

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    cesc - climate adaptation.

    Centre for Environment and Social Concerns

    Centre for Environment and Social Concerns (cesc) is a not-for-profit resource center initiated by a group of professionals from different disciplines.

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    knowledge in mf chiquitano - climate adaptation.

    Key insights from ecosystem- and community-based adaptation practice

    Climate adaptation planning requires an integrated approach that can address different local needs, priorities and knowledges while being contextualised to wider landscapes or ecosystems and scales.

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    Ama Consultants

    Ama Consultants assist people who wish to improve programs, services, or products.

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    aiheclogo - climate adaptation.

    American Indian Higher Education Consortium

    The American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) is the collective spirit and unifying voice of the nation's Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), created in response to the higher educat

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    iied biocultural heritage - climate adaptation.

    Introducing Biocultural Heritage Territories

    This photofilm presents three examples of biocultural heritage territories: The Quechua Potato Park (Peru), the Naxi Seed Park (China), and the Lepcha/Limbu Bean Park (India).

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    iied gatekeeper - climate adaptation.

    Learning from farmers

    This paper underscores how measures to increase climate change resilience must view food, energy, water and waste management systems as interconnected and mutually dependent. 

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    515edacf97089deforestation - climate adaptation.

    How are Mayan farmers are dealing with climate change?

    Climate knowledge has been developed to reduce incertitude to environmental risks in many cultures; some societies may use magical and/or religious practices, others may use scientific...

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