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CJRF Board Member Zahid Amin Shashoto attended CBA17 in Bangkok, Thailand this year

Equal Power for Transformative Dialogue: Insights from CBA17

Learn about Zahid Shashoto's (a board member for the Climate Justice Resilience Fund and program development officer for Uttaran) key takeaway messages from the 17th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change.

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MapStakes: A tool for co-creation processes

This is a five-step tool that helps users define system boundaries; identify, map and involve stakeholders; and monitor the engagement process.

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Barriers in municipal climate change adaptation

This study aimed to investigate barriers to successful local climate change adaptation due to lack of support from decision makers in organisations other than the municipality in question.

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Identifying and Analysing Stakeholders

Through a case study approach, based on studies of two Swedish urban regions this paper proposes a systematic method to analyze and identify stakeholder roles and responsibilities in adaptation.

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