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Impacts of sea-level rise in Africa

Coast of Senegal, south of Saint-Louis. Image: ©

Impacts of sea-level rise in Senegal

Senegal has a coast of 2,065km comprising sandy, deltaic (the...

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West Africa Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use

WASCAL is an initiative of the German government to establish a center of competence on climate change and adapted land use in West Africa (for the time being, the countries involved are: Benin, Bu

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Burkina Faso

FORCC Burkina Faso

This project aims to analyze the role of forests in enhancing the resilience of societies to climate change.

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Village scenes from Burkina Faso.

ACFAO Burkina Faso

This project develops policies and practices to support the sustainable management of forests in the Savannahs of West Africa.

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