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A man in coastal Bangladesh looks out over the sea which once was the land people in his village used to live on. Sea level rise related erosion is a common struggle for people in low-lying coastal areas of Bangladesh that pushes them to move, adapt and manage around. Credit: Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson

Estimating Population Exposure to Sea-level Rise and the Relevance for Migration

This review analyses global or near-global estimates of population exposure to sea-level rise and related hazards and examines subsequent estimates of population migration due to this exposure.

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Coastal inundation is the temporary and permanent flooding of a portion of land within the coastal zone.

Temporary inundation is a storm tide event that considers the following factors:

  • regional storm surge and tides,
  • climate change (including sea level rise allowance and changing likelihood of storm events),
  • local storm surge, wave setup, wave runup.

Permanent inundation is the permanent loss of land to the sea.

Also see delta inundationcoastal flooding and sea level rise.

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