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ONGAWA Engineering for Human Development

ONGAWA Engineering for Human Development is an NGO (Non-governmental organization) which focuses on putting technology at the service of human development in order to build a fairer and more charit

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  Climate risk insurance based on blockchain technology in Kenya

Climate Risk Insurance, Kenya

Read about how blockchain technology is providing a solution for crop insurance for smallholder farmers in Kenya.

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Distributed mini-grid

Climate Change & Environment Nexus Brief: Mini-grids

This nexus brief focuses on rural electrification through mini-grids and their importance for the nexus of sustainable development, poverty alleviation, and climate change. 

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Impluvium tank

Rainwater harvesting system for small-scale irrigation

This case study discusses the use of an innovative and cost-efficient roof catchment rainwater harvesting system for off-season small-scale irrigation developed by IDE Honduras and Ennos AG.

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55099285ef5a8image - climate adaptation.

Mainstreaming adaptation in agriculture

Abstract for open access article in Climate and Development journal

Climate change creates widespread risks for food production. As climate impacts are often locally specific, it is imperative...

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