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children sitting in a wooden boat waving with greenery in the background in Africa

Policy mechanisms of the African Union and the Regional Economic Communities to manage transboundary climate risks

Take a deep dive into dive into African Union (AU) policies and programmes and those of four regional economic communities (RECs) in this report by the Adaptation Without Borders partnership. Learn about the political economy of transboundary climate risks and their management within existing continental and REC climate, economic, trade, infrastructure and people-centred policies and programmes. 

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South African Presidential Climate Commission logo

South African Presidential Climate Commission

The South African Presidential Climate Commission is an independent, multistakeholder body established by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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Event card for the SEI just adaptation webinar on 27 September (includes event title, event date and time)

Watch this webinar to learn more about 'just adaptation'

This webinar, co-organised by weADAPT and SEI on 27 September 2023, discusses insights from experts from around the world about how to foster “just adaptation” at a time of escalating climate risks.

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The image has a green background with a navy podcast logo. It reads 'Small Islands, Big Picture' in white letters.

Listen to "Small Islands, Big Picture": a podcast on resilience in small islands

The "Small Islands, Big Picture" podcast shines a spotlight on the unique challenges and remarkable resilience of Small Island Developing States around the world.

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A collapsed house in a river with trees in the background

Enhancing cooperation to address cascading climate risks in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Learn about the rationale for strengthening regional resilience to cascading climate risks in the HKH through this AWB discussion brief. It explores what a regional cooperation mechanism could consider and advance in policy and practice, proposing a set of potential areas for collaboration to move the discussions from the realm of ambition to action.

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Amid growing awareness of climate change's influence on Andean economic activities, microfinance sector lacks sufficient climate-focused microcredit for smallholder farming families.

Innovation in the microfinance sector for resilient smallholder farming in Ecuador

Learn about how the Andes Resilientes project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Ecological Transition (MAATE), is spearheading a transformative initiative within the framework of the National Climate Financing Strategy (EFIC) to tailor financial products for the unique needs of climate-vulnerable agriculture. 

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Cattle herders bring their livestock to Illadu water pan managed by the rangeland committee in Moyale, Kenya. Image by Patrick Meinhardt / Mercy Corps.

Participatory planning in Kenya’s drylands: The Ward Development Planning model

This policy brief summarises key learning from the Ward Development Planning model, an innovative approach to local participatory development planning being implemented in Kenya’s drylands.

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Photo: UN Women via Flickr

Gender in climate action training pack: A resource for practitioners

CDKN has developed a pack of presentations and exercises for facilitators to use in training settings, to help climate and development professionals to integrate gender perspectives into climate projects and programmes.

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Farmers in Nepal learn about drought resilient agriculture

World Jewish Relief: Climate Report

Discover what World Jewish Relief has learnt from a year of implementing climate resilience pilot programmes.

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Slide intro page with forest background and text that reads "Forestry Adaptation Practitioners' Network (FAPN) Community Roundtable"

FAPN Community Roundtable

The Forestry Adaptation Practitioners’ Network (FAPN) hosted a virtual Community Roundtable on July 24, 2023. The event brought the FAPN community together, to exchange ideas, share what they are working on, discuss challenges and learn from each other's experiences.

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Climate Resilient Communities logo

Climate Resilient Communities

Climate Resilient Communities became its own organization dedicated to uplifting the San Francisco Peninsula’s underrepresented communities in September 2020, beco

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The PLACARD Connectivity Hub with SEI, MAIA and Directed logos

The Connectivity Hub: Next Steps

Get an insight into the workings behind the Connectivity Hub: a unique 'search and discovery' tool which aims to better connect knowledge and resources in the fields of climate change and disaster risk reduction. MAIA is playing an important role in advancing its scope and functionality - learn more!

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SB58 participants networking at the conference in Bonn

Decoding buzzwords at SB58: what is transformational adaptation?

What does the term 'transformational adaptation' truly mean and how can it shape our future? Dive in as we decode this critical concept from the Bonn Climate Conference, SB58.

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Farmers in Nepal, climate resilient agriculture, climate resilient communities, drought resilience

The Climate Crisis: A Humanitarian and a Jewish issue

This report makes the case for why faith-based, humanitarian charities should be adjusting their work to ensure they are building long-term climate resilience, rather than only focusing on short-term, emergency responses.

To do so, it explains the basics of climate science for a non-expert audience, summarises the expected impacts of the climate crisis and the humanitarian imperative to address them, and explains how key Jewish values are being threatened by the climate crisis. It then sets out how World Jewish Relief is structuring its own work on resilience building, mitigation, adaptation and preparedness, to set an example for how their own organisation could begin to enter such a huge sphere of work.

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"Sweet Freedom": mural in Biskopsgården, in Göteborg, Sweden. (c)Artscape 2021. Artist Max Sansing. Photo Jon Högman.

Just Resilience for Europe: Towards measuring justice in climate change adaptation

Learn about the current state of knowledge on justice and equity concerns for European sectors, the current policy landscape and progress for the EU and in Member States and lastly what means of evaluating, monitoring and measuring progress towards justice in climate adaptation is already available and what needs to be developed.

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Art saying Mukuru Villages: the spatial planning area

A Guide for Building Climate Resilience in Urban Informal Settlements

Discover resources for locally-led, inclusive, multisectoral upgrading for climate resilience in urban informal settlements in this guide. It aims to support a range of stakeholders to both build climate resilience in informal settlements and link locally led action with broader processes of urban and climate governance.

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A drawing of the world on fire (credit: GIZ)

Climate Data: Opportunities for Resilient Development

 A summary of the Regional Climate Data Conference, in Bangladesh. The conference was to initiate a discussion on opportunities and barriers of accessing climate data and climate risk information, and ways of ensuring climate data availability and accessibility and to explore collaborations in the countries of the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region.

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A group of children walking down a road carrying containers on their heads

Stories of Resilience: Lessons from Local Adaptation Practice

Discover stories of resilience, based on the sessions of the 2022 Gobeshona Conference on Locally Led Adaptation, and explore the difference between local action and locally led action, as well as effective ways of supporting local leadership in this report.

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Global Center on Adaptation with a blue globe

Global Center on Adaptation

We are an international organization working as a solutions broker to accelerate action and support for adaptation solutions, from the international to the local, in partnership with the publ

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aerial view of mangrove forest and ocean

Climate-resilient Finance and Investment: Framing Paper

Learn about the current efforts to align finance with climate-resilient development, as well as possible ways forward for defining, measuring and mobilising adaptation-aligned finance in this OECD framing paper.

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A person cycling on a dirt road at sunset (Credit: Jeff Ackley, Unsplash)

Using digital stories for inclusive climate resilient transport in Uganda

This case study shows how digital storytelling can be used for inclusive climate resilient transport in Uganda.

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Black and white photo of two  people in the distance looking on to a street in Lusaka, Zambia (Credit: katsuma tanaka, Unsplash)

Using digital stories for inclusive climate resilient transport in Zambia

This case study shows how digital storytelling can be used for inclusive climate resilient transport in Zambia.

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Agricultural Disasters Map

CRAN Türkiye

The Climate Resilient Agriculture Network (CRAN) brings together non-governmental organizations, farmers' unions, public institutions and organizations, the private sector, academia, and working groups to work on sharing, implementing, and disseminating adaptation methods and experiences.

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A street with cars in Windhoek, Namibia (Credit: Cornelius C. Campbell, Unsplash)

Using PURE to support integrated and inclusive climate change planning in Windhoek, Namibia

This case study used the Peri-Urban Resilient Ecosystems Tool to support integrated and inclusive climate change planning in Windhoek, Namibia.

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