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Oxford Climate Policy

Oxford Climate Policy is a founding partner of the European Capacity Building Initiative (ecbi).

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uncc learn

Building capacity through the UN CC:Learn platform

The UN CC: Learn platform, funded by the Swiss Government and UN partners, offers free climate change-relevant learning resources that are backed by the UN system.

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Perspectives Climate Change

Perspectives are a quality greenhouse gas market solutions provider offering independent, tailor-made, comprehensive, reliable and highly competent support to the development of national greenhouse

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527b66c0d62f1screen-shot-2013-11-07-at-10 - climate adaptation.

Podstawy Negocjacji UNFCCC

W jaki sposób działa UNFCCC i jak wyglądają globalne negocjacje klimatyczne ONZ od strony ‘kuchni’?

Niniejszy przewodnik ma na celu wytłumaczenie podstaw procesu globalnych...

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