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Using EWI to inform the implementation of a WASH master plan in the municipality of Banfora, Burkina Faso

Explore how the EWI tool was applied in collaboration with IRC and local WASH authorities, who are developing and implementing a 2018–2030 strategic master plan for water and sanitation services in Banfora, Burkina Faso.

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Addressing the land degradation-migration nexus thumbnail

Addressing the Land Degradation–Migration Nexus

A review of existing evidence, good practices, and policy recommendations on the complex interrelationships between migration and desertification, land degradation and drought.

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Woman washing a child in Burkina Faso

Gender and Water Security in Burkina Faso: Lessons for adaptation

This policy brief looks at water security risks in Burkina Faso through a gender lens, providing insights on how gendered norms and practices produce differentiated risks.

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UNDP environment and energy

Revenue-Generating Opportunities Through Tailored Weather Information Products

This continental-scale market assessment investigated how thriving commercial weather markets could be catalysed in the 11 African countries supported by the CIRDA programme.

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village women carry containers full of water from the well

Gender empowerment in WASH

An Empowerment in WASH Index aims to identify imbalances in decision-making power between men and women of different ethnic and socio-economic groups in Burkina Faso.

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Women farmers sell their crops, Senegal. Photo: @Lancelot Ehode - IED Afrique/PRISE Senegal

Supporting private adaptation in semi-arid lands

This PRISE policy brief argues that to unlock the potential of businesses to drive climate-resilient development, support for private adaptation in semi arid lands needs to be rapidly upscaled.

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Les rizière de Banfora

Gestion de l’eau dans le périmètre rizicole de la plaine de Douna

Gaspillage de l'eau, baisse de la pluie, mauvaise gestion de la production, rechercher mode de gestion participatif eau et bassin-versant /meilleure résilience des exploitants/communauté.  

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eba valuation

Valuing the Benefits, Costs and Impacts of EbA Measures

This sourcebook assists in building awareness, knowledge and capacity about why, how and in which contexts EbA valuation can be used to inform, guide and influence adaptation decision-making.

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Cover image: Nyani Quarmyne

Disasters and national economic resilience

This paper aims to provide an analysis of economic resilience at the national level, presenting broad changes in resilience to climate extremes over a 42 year period.

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sha - climate adaptation.

Self Help Africa

Self Help Africa is a leading international development charity with an expertise in small-scale farming and growing family-farm businesses.

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Volta Basin Authority

The Volta Basin Authority (VBA) is an agreement between Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali and Togo to promote and reinforce co-operation among them in the management and development o

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Thumbnail Phot Credit: @TREEAID, Flickr, Creative Commons

Comparative Assessment of Decentralization in Africa

This study is a comparative report drawing upon desk studies of 10 African countries above, plus follow-up field studies in Botswana, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Tanzania

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conedd - climate adaptation.

Secrétariat Permanent du Conseil National pour l Environnement et le Développement Durable

Le COnseil National pour l’Environnement et le Développement Durable (CONEDD) est une structure de mission placée sous la tutelle technique du Ministère de l’Environnement et du Cadre de Vie.

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ziniare oubritenga province burkina faso - climate adaptation.

Urban-rural water allocations in semi-arid lands

This report provides an overview of the issue of water allocation in Burkina Faso, specifically how/where Ouagadougou, sources its water, as an example of the ‘urban-rural water interface’.

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siteon0-e5814 - climate adaptation.

The University of Ouagadougou

The University of Ouagadougou is a public institution of the state, scientific, cultural and technical (EPSCT). Its fundamental mission is the development and transmission of knowledge for the trai

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A Study to Better Understand Cookstove Business Models

This study analysed biomass cookstove business models from Asia and Africa to better understand how to build business cases to reach scale.

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woman farmer

Men and women farmers face contrasting realities

The Working Paper How resilient are farming households, communities, men and women to a changing climate in Africa? shows how men and women farmers are facing contrasting realities.

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th-5 0 - climate adaptation.

Direction Nationale des Eaux et Forêts

The Water and Forests Directorate's mission is to design, coordinate and implement the national policy regarding forests and wildlife.

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SOS Sahel International Burkina Faso

Les domaines d'activités de SOSSIBF sont: - la lutte contre la désertification - la sécurité alimentaire - l'Agro-foresterie - Les changements climatiques: adaptation - la Coopération décentralisée

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org-coming-soon 15 - climate adaptation.

Association pour la Promotion de l'Agro Sylvo Pastoral

Les objectifs de l'organisation sont:

• Promouvoir l’élevage à travers le métissage des différentes espèces locales

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506078f26cf41wascal 0 - climate adaptation.

West Africa Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use

WASCAL is an initiative of the German government to establish a center of competence on climate change and adapted land use in West Africa (for the time being, the countries involved are: Benin, Bu

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Christian Relief and Development Organization

Christian Relief And Development Organization (C.RE.D.O.) est né le 28/01/1993 .CREDO s’est donnée comme mission «de travailler aux côtés des églises et missions évangéliques et dans les communauté

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Landscape of the Sahel.


This project develops policies and practices to support the sustainable management of forests in the Savannahs of West Africa.

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Village scene


This project aims to analyze the role of forests in enhancing the resilience of societies to climate change. 

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Mitigation: Burkina Faso commits to an unconditional reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 7,808 Gh per year in 2030, that is 6% when compared to their business as usual scenario. Under a conditional scenario, requiring significant investment, Burkina Faso proposes a reduction of 11.6%, 13,766 Gg per year in 2030. This involves Burkina Faso working across the agriculture and forestry, waste, transportation, and energy sectors to achieve these reductions. Adaptation: Burkina Faso focuses its adaptation efforts on achieving co-benefits with mitigation and development, focusing on restoring and developing degraded lands to increase the food security, adapt to climate change, and reduce the countries net-emissions. International Climate and Environmental Commitments: The Paris Agreement (Party), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Party), Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Party), United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (Party), Convention on Biological Diversity (Party), Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (Party), Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Party)


Burkina Faso's NDC-SDG Connections

Burkina Faso is a Sahelian, landlocked, country that faces high climate variability, food security issues, flash floods, windstorms, water scarcity, and disease outbreaks that are likely to increase or be worsened by climate change. Burkina Faso's economy is highly dependent on the agriculture sector, and is addressing significant socio-economic development issues, which increases its vulnerability to climate change impacts.







International Commitments and Reporting

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

Nationally Determined Contribution Under the Paris Agreement -

NDC Monitoring and Reporting

World Bank Country Factsheet on Intended NDCs -
World Bank’s Climate Knowledge Portal -
ClimateWatch Profile -
NDC Partnership Page -

SDG Voluntary National Review

Burkina Faso recently completed a Voluntary National Review that will become available here -

National SDG Monitoring and Reporting

World Bank Overview -
UNDP's Open SDG Data Hub -

NDCs and SDGs

Mapping of NDC-SDG Connections -

NDCs, SDGs, and Climate Change

NDC Partnership Dashboard on NDCs and relation to the SDGs and Climate Change Vulnerability -

Emissions Data

Burkina Faso does not currently have a dynamic online emissions tracking platform, but recent emissions reporting can be found within this report -
The ClimateWatch profile may provide one more recent assessment of greenhouse gas emissions -

Sendai and Hyogo Frameworks

National Progress Report on the Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action -
National Multi-Risk Plan for Disaster Preparedness and Response -
Law No. 012-2014 / NA on the prevention and management of risks, humanitarian crises and disasters -

National Coordination and Reporting

National Appropriate Mitigation Actions

No Action to date -

National Strategies Related to International Mechanisms

Convention to Combat Desertification National Action Programme -
National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan -

National Regulations/Policies

Etude Nationale Prospective "Burking 2025" -
Strategy for Accelerated Growth and Sustainable Development 2011–2015 -
National Vision by 2020 -
Law no. 006-2013 on the Code for the Environment -
Decree No. 2015-1189 / PRESTRANS / PM / MERH / MEF of 22 October 2015 adopting the National Adaptation Plan for Climate Change -
Decree no. 2013-151 on the National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development -
Decree No. 2016-383/PRES/PM/MEEVCC on the organisation of the Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change -
Decree no. 2013-325 establishing the mission of a national entity responding to climate change -
Decree No. 2007-740 / PRES / PM / MECV / MEF adopting the National Adaptation and Climate Change Adaptation Program of Action -
Law no. 008-2014/AN concerning framework law on sustainable development -
Law of finance 2013 relative to the deletion of customs charges on equipments and material of solar energy -
Sectorial Policy of Energy -,&return=PG5hdiBpZD0iYnJlYWRjcnVtYiI-PGEgaHJlZj0iLyI-SG9tZTwvYT4gJnJhcXVvOyA8YSBocmVmPSIvcG9saWNpZXNhbmRtZWFzdXJlcy8iPlBvbGljaWVzIGFuZCBNZWFzdXJlczwvYT4gJnJ...,,
Decree No. 2000-628 on the Letter of Energy Sector Development Policy -,&return=PG5hdiBpZD0iYnJlYWRjcnVtYiI-PGEgaHJlZj0iLyI-SG9tZTwvYT4gJnJhcXVvOyA8YSBocmVmPSIvcG9saWNpZXNhbmRtZWFzdXJlcy8iPlBvbGljaWVzIGFuZCBNZWFzdXJlczwvYT4gJnJ...,,
Loi n° 034-2012/AN du 02 juillet 2012 portant réorganisation agraire et foncière au Burkina Faso -
Loi n°025-2017/AN du 15 mai 2017 portant protection des végétaux au Burkina Faso -
Loi n°006-2013/AN portant Code de l’Environnement du Burkina Faso -
Loi nº 003-2011/AN portant Code forestier au Burkina Faso -

Reviews of National Legislation and Policy

London School of Economics: National Climate Legislation -


Key Areas of Climate Investment

Financing technical capacity to mitigate and adapt to climate change -
Financing the strengthening of national climate information and early warning systems -
Financing flood management -
Financing agricultural resilience -
Financing weather insurance for small farmers to increase resilience -
Financing electrification and the expansion of the electricity network -
Financing projects with co-benefits for social and economic needs, as well as mitigation goals -
Financing engagement with international mechanisms like REDD + -

Selected Relevant Sources of Climate Related Funding

Climate Funds Update -
OECD Climate Change -
OECD Investment for Green Growth -
Climate Investment Funds -
African Development Bank Group -

Multilateral Funders

Burkina Faso receives climate funding from the African Development Bank Group, the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the Global Environment Facility, the Green Climate Fund, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the Least Developed Countries Fund, the Forest Investment Program, and Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, among others.

Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning

Vulnerability/Adaptation Capacity Data

Notre Dame's Global Adaptation Initiative Vulnerability/Readiness Climate Change Index -
Environmental Performance Index -

Natural Disaster/Hazards

Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery -
PreventionWeb -

Energy Supply and Demand

Universal Access to Electricity in Burkina Faso: scaling-up renewable energy technologies -
Energy Profile: Burkina Faso -

Land Use

LandLinks Country Profile -
Prospects for REDD+: Local Forest Management and Climate Change Mitigation in Burkina Faso -

Economic Development/Quality of Life and Livelihoods

Climate Vulnerabilities and Development in Burkina Faso and Niger -
Economy-wide Implications of Climate Change in Burkina Faso -

Summaries of Programming and Priorities

Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment in Burkina Faso's Second National Communication -
Review of Current and Planned Adaptation Action -

Case Studies

weADAPT Case Studies

weADAPT Entries -

Climate and Development Network Country Page

Climate and Development Network Resources -

Islamic Development Bank Reports

IsDB Country Page -

Climate, Climate Change, and Environmental Data

Natural Disaster/Hazards Data

ThinkHazard -

Energy Supply and Demand Data

Renewable Energy Mapping -

Land Use Data

FAOStat -

Weather/Meteorological Data

World Meteorological Organization Profile -

<span class="isdb-tag">Hydrometeorological Hazards</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Food Insecurity</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Water Scarcity</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Biological Hazards</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Reforestation and/or Afforestation</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Deforestation</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Agriculture Fishing Forestry Sector </span>

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