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Overview of an Albanian city

Albania’s Approach to Integrating Adaptation into Domestic Budgeting

This sNAPshot takes a closer look at how Albania is integrating climate adaptation into its medium-term budget process.

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eba valuation

Valuing the Benefits, Costs and Impacts of EbA Measures

This sourcebook assists in building awareness, knowledge and capacity about why, how and in which contexts EbA valuation can be used to inform, guide and influence adaptation decision-making.

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sNAPshot: Initiating sector integration of adaptation considerations

This overview brief from the NAP Global Network introduces the topic of sector integration and different ways to initiate it in the national adaptation plan (NAP) process.

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Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)

Mission Statement
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Mitigation: Albania has committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by 11.5% compared to the baseline scenario in the period of 2016-2030. Albania has a unique greenhouse emissions profile, as its electricity is largely generated using hydropower. Unfortunately climate change may threaten water resources and undermine hydropower generation. Given this context and existing mitigation progress, Albania intends to meet its mitigation commitment through decoupling growth from greenhouse gas emissions in relevant sectors while maintaining low greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation. Adaptation: Albania's Nationally Determined Contributions do not address adaptation priorities or needs. International Climate and Environmental Commitments: The Paris Agreement (Party), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Party), Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Party), United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (Party), Convention on Biological Diversity (Party), Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (Party), Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Party)


Albania's NDC-SDG Connections

Albania is a mountainous country in southeastern Europe, extending along the Adriatic it itself has significant water features. Albania faces socioeconomic challenges related to development and poverty that are exacerbated by its vulnerability to natural disasters like earthquakes, as well as disasters exacerbated by climate change like floods, extreme temperatures, epidemics, and sea level rise.








International Commitments and Reporting

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

Nationally Determined Contribution Under the Paris Agreement -

NDC Monitoring and Reporting

World Bank Country Factsheet on Intended NDCs -
World Bank’s Climate Knowledge Portal -
ClimateWatch Profile -
NDC Partnership Page -

SDG Voluntary National Review

2018 Voluntary National Review -

National SDG Monitoring and Reporting

World Bank Overview -
UNDP's Open SDG Data Hub -

NDCs and SDGs

Mapping of NDC-SDG Connections -

NDCs, SDGs, and Climate Change

NDC Partnership Dashboard on NDCs and relation to the SDGs and Climate Change Vulnerability -

Emissions Data

Albania does not currently have a dynamic online emissions tracking platform, but national emissions reporting can be found within this report -
The ClimateWatch profile may provide one more recent assessment of greenhouse gas emissions -

Sendai and Hyogo Frameworks

Sendai Framework Data Readiness Review Report -
National Progress Report on the Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action -

National Coordination and Reporting

National Appropriate Mitigation Actions

No Action to date -

National Action Plans

National Adaptation Plans in focus: Lessons from Albania -

National Strategies Related to International Mechanisms

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan -

National Regulations/Policies

Law No.10431 dated 9.6.2011 on the environment protection -
National Strategy of Energy -
Law 7/2017 promoting the use of energy from renewable resources -
Law 138/2013 on renewable sources of energy -
National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2010-2018 -
Law on creating facilitating conditions for the construction of new sources of electricity generation -
Law on Fisheries No. 64/2012 -
Law No. 103/2016 on aquaculture -
Law No. 8905 on protection of the marine environment from pollution and damage -
National Strategy of Water Resources Integrated Management 2018-2027 -
Albania National Strategy of Land Consolidation -
Regulation No. 21 date 12.1.2018 supplementing Regulation 709 date 29.10.2014 approving the inter-sectoral strategy of rural and agricultural development 2014-2020 -
Law No. 9817 on agriculture and rural development -
Law No. 105/2016 on plant protection -
Law No. 9385 on forests and the forestry service -
Law No. 9587 on biodiversity protection -
Law No. 10006 on wild fauna protection -
Albanian National Strategy on Waste Management -

Reviews of National Legislation and Policy

London School of Economics: National Climate Legislation -


Key Areas of Climate Investment

Financing hydroelectric dams -
Financing water supply and sanitation improvements -
Financing climate resilient transport infrastructure -
Financing sustainable land management and ecosystem restoration -
Financing environmental information management and global environmental reporting -
Financing the management of marine and coastal protected areas -
Financing green city development -

Selected Relevant Sources of Climate Related Funding

Climate Funds Update -
OECD Climate Change -
OECD Investment for Green Growth -

Multilateral Funders

Albania receives climate funding from the World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the Islamic Development Bank, the Special Climate Change Fund, the Global Environment Facility, and the Green Climate Fund, among others.

Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning

Vulnerability/Adaptation Capacity Data

Notre Dame's Global Adaptation Initiative Vulnerability/Readiness Climate Change Index -
Albania: An Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability, Risk and Adaptation -
Environmental Performance Index -

Natural Disaster/Hazards

Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery -
PreventionWeb -

Energy Supply and Demand

Key Energy Statistics -
Albania’s Energy Sector: Vulnerable to Climate Change -
World Energy for Sustainable Development in the Western Balkans -

Land Use

LandLinks Country Profile -
Albania Land Cover Country Fact Sheet -
Urban growth and land use changes in Tirana, Albania: with cases describing urban land claims -
Land cover classification in Albania -

Economic Development/Quality of Life and Livelihoods

Gender, Agriculture and Rural Development in Albania -
Roads Create New Livelihoods on Albania's Coast -
Albania: Restoring Growth and Improving Prosperity -

Summaries of Programming and Priorities

Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment in Albania's Third National Communication -

Case Studies

Islamic Development Bank Reports

IsDB Country Page -

Climate, Climate Change, and Environmental Data

Natural Disaster/Hazards Data

ThinkHazard -

Energy Supply and Demand Data

Renewable Energy Mapping -

Land Use Data

FAOStat -

Weather/Meteorological Data

World Meteorological Organization Profile -

<span class="isdb-tag">Hydropower</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Water Scarcity</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Geophysical Hazards</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Hydrometeorological Hazards</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Coastal Management and Planning</span> <span class="isdb-tag"> Biological Hazards </span>

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