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adaptation metrics

Adaptation metrics: Perspectives on measuring, aggregating and comparing adaptation results

Climate adaptation initiatives are more important than ever, and globally more and more funds are invested in climate resilience. But how do we measure success? Find out in this UNEP DTU report.

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Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute, University of South Carolina

The Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute (HVRI) is an interdisciplinary research and graduate and undergraduate training center focused on the development of theory, data, metrics, methods,

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Adaptation metrics

Designing Metrics for Adaptation

Metrics to measure progress in achieving targets for adaptation can be developed in different ways. This article considers existing metrics to measure sustainable development as a starting point for adaptation indicators.

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Adaptation Metrics

Developing actor-process metrics of adaptation focuses on the competence to achieve reductions in current and future vulnerability.

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Adaptation Rufiji Valley

As part of the NCAP project, resilience and vulnerability in the Rufiji valley of Tanzania are assessed in relation to locally defined poverty indicators and are heavily determined by the...

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