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Hampshire Cosmetics

Submitted by Ben Smith 5th November 2011 15:09


Hampshire Cosmetics’ supply chain is key to its success. The company is instituting ‘supplier days’ to build open conversations about issues, including resilience to climate impacts, and identify potential problems ahead of time

Key messages and learning outcomes

Resilience to climate impacts involves building on relationships beyond the factory gates, to suppliers around the world and staff facing possible travel disruption.

    External expertise can provide reassurance on actions to date and a source of advice on future developments.

      “Do not be afraid to ask for help. Join local business groups and share best practice with them. Remember your supply chain can also be a great source of knowledge – both your customers and your suppliers may be able to help you on this journey.”

      Karen Taylor, Environmental Development Manager.

      Adaptation outcomes

      The company’s business continuity project now considers the potential impacts of adverse weather conditions that might otherwise have not been included.

      An IEMA Environmental Awareness Course has been run on site; open to all staff, 70 staff (~28%) have attended so far. This has raised the overall awareness to the issues of climate change.

      Enabling factors

      The PACT methodology was an enabler partly because it confirmed the company were on the right path and encouraged them to continue down it and partly because it gave suggestions on where they should focus any improvements.


      Getting the information on the potential impacts of climate change to the strategic buyer will now be key and finding that information will be a challenge: hence the need for strong relationships with suppliers so they can use their expertise around the globe to keep the company informed.


      Karen Taylor: Environmental Development Manager

      Hampshire Cosmetics website