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Farmers Moving Towards Resilience: Suid Bokkeveld Case Study on Climate Change Adaptation

Submitted by Tahia Devissche... 22nd March 2011 9:52

Farmers with weather station to monitor and record local weather

The project mainly seeks to deal with climatic risks associated with drought and water scarcity, and social vulnerabilities linked to a lack of access to agricultural land and markets, socio-political exclusion, and limited livelihood options.
CBA activities were undertaken within a broader long-term set of participatory development processes. This included: enhancing problem-solving capacity through a series climate change preparedness workshops involving farmers, NGO practitioners, and researchers; monitoring and recording local weather and water levels; testing the accuracy of seasonal forecasts; testing the resilience and productivity of different wild and cultivated Rooibos seed varieties; installing solar power, erecting wind barriers, removing invasive alien tree species, controlling soil erosion, collecting and storing rainwater.Bettina Koelle, [email protected]
Indigo Development and Change, Heiveld Co-operative and Environmental Monitoring Group