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Linking Biodiversity Action Plan and flood alleviation

Submitted by Tahia Devissche... 16th March 2011 16:50

Restoration work in Bishop Wood - Identified priority target in local biodiversity planning, coupled with a need to alleviate flooding to Selby Dam

Restoration of Bishop Wood near Selby was a priority in the Selby Biodiversity Action Plan. By taking action to restore it to wet woodland, there was an opportunity to use the work to achieve flood attenuation measures related to nearby watercourses. Areas of the wood were identified as areas for water storage.

Key messages and learning outcomes

Capitalised on a previously identified priority for biodiversity, by creating an opportunity to improve local resilience to flooding. A win-win adaptation action.

Adaptation outcomes

Thirty hectares of restored habitat, with improved conditions for a range of species, including water vole (UK Biodiversity Action Plan species).

Enabling factors

Good communication and joined up thinking brought about win-win situation, tackling flood threat and improving conditions for local biodiversity.


Matthew Millington, Biodiversity Officer, North Yorkshire County Council, 01609 533240