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Collaborative work on adaptation for highways across three counties

Submitted by Tahia Devissche... 16th March 2011 16:49


The Three Counties Alliance Partnership (3CAP) collaboratively examined the likely effects of climate change on highways policies and saved significant sums of money through joint procurement and action. Highways have been identified as being vulnerable to climate change are likely to be damaged and/or rendered unserviceable by:

  • Flooding
  • Droughts
  • Heatwaves
  • Increased intensity of storms
  • Key messages and learning outcomes

    Adaptation action does not need to cost a lot of money, instead local authorities need to evolve their approach to highway maintenance to adapt to climate change rather than starting completely anew.

    Adaptation outcomes

    Three counties saved money and improved the quality of the outcomes by combining their requirements for technical expertise and jointly evolving their approach to adaptation action on highway maintenance.


    Andrew Warrington, Highways Manager, Leicestershire County Council, 0116 305 2114