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NAIADE: using multi-criteria analysis to address water issues

Submitted by Tahia Devissche... 15th March 2011 17:59

Description of project

NAIADE is a multi-criteria analysis tool applied within a broader social multi-criteria evaluation (SMCE) method that combines quantitative and qualitative information through participatory processes to support decision-making. In 2000, NAIADE was applied to address the perceived problem of under-exploitation of the potential availability of water resources in the town of Troina (eastern Sicily, Italy), through an analysis of different possible alternatives for action. This approach has proven very effective for discussing multiple preferences and points of view from different stakeholder groups and finding out whether some real social compromise solutions exist.

Contact Details

G. Munda, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona;

B. De Marchi, Instituto di Sociologia Internazionale Gorizia, Italy.