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Climate knowledge in Nepal's mountainous regions

Submitted by Michael Rastall 21st January 2013 10:31

In May 2012, the Nepal Climate Change Knowledge Management Center (NCCKMC) organized a Climate Change Awareness program in Simkot, Humla. This area has a population of approximately forty thousand people but it suffers with poor literacy and has the lowest HDI in the country. 

The NCCKMC team lead by Dr Dinesh Bhuju also included Professor Prakash Adhikary, Secretary of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) and Mr Bhojraj Adhikary. The team reached Simkot on 13th May, and immediately started consultation with locals and also the stakeholders in the district headquarters. The locals reported that in recent years they had been growing semitropical crops and vegetables that were had not been grown before. Whether this change is resultant from climate change however cannot be confirmed without scientific studies.

Over the next two days the members from the Climate Change Awareness program conducted an interaction program with school which included a quiz on climate change and took part in a panel discussion which was aired at a local community radio station.

The Climate Awareness Program in Simkot, Humla was a part of NCCKMC activities supported by the Climate and Development Knowledge Newtwork (CDKN). 

Involved partners

Dr Dinesh Raj Bhju, Ms Ramila Raut, Mr Bhoj Raj Adhikari, Ms Manju Sapkota, Mr Pawan Kumar Neupane, Ms Aruna Thapa