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Developing climate messages for Zimbabwe using multiple sources of evidence

Submitted by Anna Taylor 24th November 2012 16:31

Climate feature

Key messages


Past climate variability

High variability, frequent drought years and flood events

Historical rainfall records (CRU data)

Past climate trends

Increasing temperatures (~0.1°C/decade)
No conclusive changes in precipitation

Historical temperature and rainfall records (CRU data)

Future climate trends

Increasing temperatures of around 2.5°C by the 2050s

Possible decrease in rainfall particularly during the onset stage of the rainy season (Sep- Nov)

CMIP3 GCM multi-model projections (for SRES A2 emissions scenario) and CSAG downscaled projections available in CIP 

For more details on the future climate trends for temperature and precipitation, based on projections from 10 Global Climate Models as well as downscaled projections for 2 stations, read the full article that accompanies this placemark: Zimbabwe Climate Analysis