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Adaptation strategies for the Alto Malleco model forest in Chile

Submitted by Daniel Morchain 20th April 2012 13:51

The Alto Malleco Model Forest is one of three case study model forests of the EcoAdapt project, which aims to develop and implement ecosystem-based adaptation strategies in Argentinian, Bolivian and Chilean communities. 

The Araucarias del Alto Malleco  was declared a Model Forest in 2002. It is located in the eastern Malleco Province, Chile. Among its major forest types, are endemic Araucaria and Lenga forest. There is also a large area without vegetation or vegetation of high plains. The model forest area covers part of the Imperial River and  Bio Bio River basins.

The presence of valuable natural resources, the precarious living conditions of a good share of the population and the presence of the Mapuche-Pehuenche indigenous people and peasant settlers from national and European origin have been important factors in the selection of this area for the implementation of the EcoAdapt project.