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'Rotterdam Climate Proof' Adaptation Programme

Submitted by Daniel Morchain 5th April 2012 12:57

Rotterdam Climate Proof capitalizes on water management opportunities.                                                  Picture courtesy of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative

Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands and a globally relevant port, is highly exposed to climate phenomena and to climate change impacts. With large sections of its area located below sea level, the region is facing increased rainfall, more frequent floods, sea level rise and increasing temperatures.

Through an adaptation strategy titled ‘Rotterdam Climate Proof’, started in 2008, the city expects to achieve 100% resilience by 2025. The three pillars of Rotterdam’s climate adaptation strategy are Knowledge, Actions and Exposure. Rotterdam’s case shows that resilience building and disaster risk preparedness require a thorough understanding of the local realities, relevant exchange of knowledge, and political and stakeholder leadership that supports the implementation of truly innovative solutions.