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Climate Change Capacity and Development

Submitted by Daniel Morchain 16th March 2012 16:39

In recent years, SEI Oxford and CSAG have been working on the development of two complementary web-based portals designed to support decision-making for climate change adaptation with financial support from UNITAR through the C3D+ programme. If used in combination, the portals provide access to a knowledge base, tools and methods for analysing climate data, interpreting climate information, assessing vulnerability, and planning adaptation.

Highlights from the project include two very successful Winter School courses held at the University of Cape Town, training carried out with ENDA in Senegal, guidance for development practitioners on the process of risk communication, technical support of community-based adaptation projects, training modules for climate risk communication and adaptation planning, the weADAPT-CIP user journeys, and the revision of tools to support adaptation decision-making.