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CRiSTAL: Drought, Vulnerable Communities and Adaptation in Makoya, Chingali, and Manchali

Submitted by Tahia Devissche... 15th March 2011 17:59

Description of project

CRiSTAL is a screening tool designed to help project designers and managers integrate risk reduction and climate change adaptation into community-level projects. In 2005, communities in Dodoma, Tanzania, experienced severe drought. Coping strategies would require the purchase of drought resistant crop varieties and new irrigation strategies, both too expensive for poor communities. The project looked for other coping strategies more achievable for poor livelihoods, mainly promoting new income generating activities at household level. The tool was proved generally useful and some recommendations for improving CRiSTAL were made.

Contact Details

Carmenza Robledo, Intercooperation (CR);

Felix Bachmann, RLDC/Intercooperation;

Stellah Rwiza, RDLC;

Federico de Philippi, LVIA;

Japhet Chamgeni, LVIA.


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