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ADAM: Mainstreaming Adaptation into Regional Land Use Planning in the Guadiana River Basin

Published: 21st March 2011 13:41Last Updated: 21st March 2011 13:41

Description of project

The objective of the Digital Compendium is to contribute to emerging knowledge on adaptation by acting as a portal for the dissemination of the trans-disciplinary results from the ADAM project. The tool provides stakeholders with valuable knowledge that may assist their decision-making. This study examines the constraints and opportunities for mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in land use and water management in the Guadiana River Basin, focusing on the conditions that facilitate or limit adaptation, according to six dimensions: biophysical, technical, financial, institutional, social, and cognitive (informational) aspects.

Further Readings

Mainstreaming Adaptation in Regional Land Use and Water Management, in Adaptation and Mitigation Opportunities in European Climate Policy, edited by Hulme, M. and H. Neufeldt, CUP, 2009.

Contact Details

Adam Project Office, Tyndall Centre for Cimate Change Research, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.