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ADAM: Macro-economic Analysis and Adaptation Catalogue for Europe

Submitted by Tahia Devissche... 15th March 2011 17:59

Description of project

The Digital Compendium of the ADAM project includes: a macro-economic analysis, a meta-analysis of climate change impacts; vulnerability and adaptation assessments in Europe; learning examples; and an adaptation catalogue. The macro-economic analysis was conducted to estimate the monetary effects of climate change and adaptation for different European countries. Based on GRACE-adapt, the analysis generates information on the costs of climate change impacts across different sectors and provinces in Europe, including behavioural change of key economic agents.

Contact Details

Jochen Hinkel, Darryn McEvoy, Markus Wrobel, Kate Lonsdale, H. Asbjorn Aaheim, Richard J.T. Klein, and Tom E. Downing.

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