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Mediation Project

Submitted by Tahia Devissche... 12th October 2010 9:44

Assessment of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation requires a combination of generic and context-specific knowledge. Currently, the availability of such knowledge in Europe is fragmented and incomplete. MEDIATION addresses this challenge through six activities: (i) analysis of the decision-making context; (ii) inventory, review and improvement of methods and metrics for impacts and vulnerability analysis; (iii) likewise for costing of impacts and adaptation options; (iv) development of an overarching integrated methodology; (v) development of a flexible, interactive common platform for knowledge sharing; and (vi) dissemination of this knowledge and training. The components of the project will be connected in an iterative fashion, using case studies which combine selected regional, sectoral and cross-sectoral characteristics and policy questions.

Timeframe: 2010 – 2013

Case studies: Finland (biodiversity and health), Serbia (agriculture), Italy (heatwaves and viticulture), Spain (agriculture), Rhine (flooding), pan-Europe (forest fires).

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