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Climate change and food security in Maradi District, Niger

Submitted by Ben Smith 23rd November 2009 15:15

Dry river bed in Maradi District

This ENDA Communities project is working with several communities in Maradi District to develop adaptation actions to support food security in the face of climate variability and climate change. The project seeks to raise awareness amongst decision-makers of the exacerbating effect of climate change on food security, while also assessing the many other factors influencing food security in the area, such as the bad governance of surface water supplies.

Enda’s role in fighting against food insecurity in Maradi consists of building a sustainable partnership and work closely with local communities in a participatory manner. Our basic principle is that communities who have been living there over centuries have experienced many climate related hazards and changes and have more or less succeeded to survive so far. Partnering with these communities and building on local knowledge and best practices to reduce food insecurity in Maradi is a key to ensure total involvement, empowerment and fostering trust and ownership from local actors.

To implement concrete adaptation actions, Enda involves all concerned stakeholders in fundraising initiatives and capacity building.

Contact Person

Moussa Na Abou