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Creating a 'Smart Network' for climate knowledge

Submitted by CDKN Communicat... 29th September 2014 15:08

Are you getting lost in an ocean of information?

The fields of climate and development have undergone radical transformations over the past decades as the world has woken up to the perils of climate change. At the same time, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have revolutionised the way we communicate, bringing many benefits – but also new problems.  A field once challenged by the lack of reliable and relevant data is now overwhelmed with oceans of information, pouring in from a multitude of sources inhabiting various corners of the climate development community. Today, the challenge is navigating and making sense of this information, overcoming the “portal proliferation syndrome” of climate web sites.

The need for coordination: the role of the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group

The Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB) Group is a community of knowledge brokers operating in the climate and development space who recognized that the current knowledge infrastructure is ineffective in delivering the right knowledge to those who need it, when they need it. In response, the group is creating practical solutions and methods to improve and streamline information sharing, to better steer the flow of knowledge to those who need it, and to engage and connect researchers, practitioners, policy actors and businesses to drive climate resilient development. The vision is to create a ‘smart network’ for climate knowledge that is flexible, open, and able to adapt to changing needs and evolving technology.

Information about the Event

This event took place at the Overseas Development Institute, London on Monday 6th October, 10:00 – 13:00 UK time (GMT+1). It provided a chance to meet some leading members of the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group, learn about the emerging vision for this ‘smart network’, and discuss how organisations can ‘plug in’ and how stakeholders can benefit.

Annual Climate Knowledge Brokers Workshop, Brighton 4-5th of October 2014

The 2014 annual Climate Knowledge Brokers workshop was organised by the new CKB Coordination Hub prior to the meeting at ODI, providing an opportunity for more than 40 participants from 28 organisations to discuss current initiatives, experiences and directions of climate knowledge brokering - the work of the many organisations involved in creating, transferring and making information about climate change available to a variety of end-users. 

Here is a link to to the CKB Hub's summary and IDS blog about the event.