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Building Resilience Together

Submitted by Helena Wright 26th September 2015 19:51
poster by syam 0 - climate adaptation.


The ACCCRN Cities Working Group was established in 8 ACCCRN cities (Semerang, Bandar Lampug, Cirebon, Pekalongan, Probolinggo, Tarakan, Palembang and Blitar) and acted as a main actor for the resilience building process within these cities.

City multi-stakeholder networks include: local government, local NGO and local universities.

The role of ACCCRN Cities Working Group: 

  • Develop and regular updating the city's climate risk assessment
  • Develop city resilience strategy
  • Mainstreaming into local development planning
  • Accessing funding opportunity
  • Implementing city resilience strategy
  • Internal monitoring and evaluation, public consultation, dissemination and capacity building throughout the process.

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