Yiriwa Bulonba / CERFADEL

Yiriwa BULONBA / CERFADEL is an apolitical, non-profit and public interest working for sustainable local development.


For Yiriwa BULONBA / CERFADEL, local sustainable and equitable development requires a revitalization of solidarity and mutual aid through civic involvement and enhancement of environmental resources.


"Contributing to a better involvement and empowerment of the people, by the emergence of a local dynamic for a real support for their development in keeping with their surroundings. "

  • Local sustainable development: a social and cultural issue  A challenge of sustainable local development is the social aspect
  • Local sustainable development: economic stakes An economic challenge is the challenge raised wishes Yiriwa Bulonba
  • Sustainable development: an environmental issue The protection of the environment, including the conservation of energy resources, water, air and soil